Crowdfunding finished
Karma Chakhs
At last there is Chucks without any bad karma. This is the next step of Crowdfunding: Crowduction! “Take it or leave it” was yesterday, tomorrow the crowd is going to decide what will be produced. Delivery in July 2013. Music: Dara Sepehri Pictures: Tina Linster, Fair Trade Center Breisgau, TumblR Blogs
31,931 €

Wie soll der Karton aussehen?

Van Bo Le-Mentzel
Van Bo Le-Mentzel1 min Lesezeit

Wie findet Ihr hier die drei Ideen? A) von Saskia Lück (die auch die Sohle entworfen hat) B) von Ba Linh chu oder C) von Michal Golanski
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Karma Chakhs

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