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TYPO3 Page- and Contentelement Wizard
Creating form masks for content-elements and page-templates with dynamic form fields is a complex thing to do in TYPO3. The popular extension "TemplaVoila" made this a lot easier, but "TemplaVoila" became outdated over the years and has some major disadvantages. We'd like to develop a new extension, which replaces the old fashioned way of using TemplaVoila and uses state-of-the-art techniques. A prototype already exists.
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TYPO3camp Berlin / T3N

Gernot Ploiner
Gernot Ploiner1 min Lesezeit

Vergangenes Wochende haben wir Mask in Berlin am TYPO3camp präsentiert. Es gab tolles Feedback und eine Menge neuer Ideen die wir bei der Umsetzung berücksichtigen werden. Die Präsentation kann man hier ansehen:
Auch das renommierte Magazin T3N hat über unser Projekt berichtet:

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Last weekend we have presented Mask in Berlin on the TYPO3camp. We were amazed by the amount of feedback and new ideas, which we will integrate into Mask. Take a look at our presentation (only german):
Furthermore there is an article on the famous german T3N magazine:



Gernot Ploiner
Gernot Ploiner1 min Lesezeit
TYPO3 Page- and Contentelement Wizard