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The menstrual coloring book Maubeschau is a graphic coloring book on the subject of menstruation and cycle. It is intended to give women a positive access to their femininity. By writing moods and various parameters into a calendar you will get a better understanding of your cycle. The drawings of the various vulvas invite you to creatively explore the diversity of female sex and show that every vagina is beautiful!
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Jenz Mau1 min Lesezeit

It´s the final Countdown...da da da dada!!!!
Noch zwei Tage Crowdfunding Kampagne für das erste Menstrautions Malbuch der Welt hier auf startnext!

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Final Countdouwn..da da da dada!!!!
Two more days of crowdfunding campagne for the worlds first menstration coloringbook on
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Maubeschau! Menstrual colouring book.