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We are Moviemento, the oldest cinema in Germany. We are an independently-run cinema, and home to many film festivals and special cinema events of all kinds. Moviemento’s existence is critically threatened as the rooms housing the cinema are up for sale on the real estate market. We want to withdraw the cinema from the market, to purchase the space, and to secure the long-term survival of this unique space. Please show us your support with a donation. You can help us save Moviemento!
89,995 €
100,000 € Funding goal
Sponsored by Crowdfunding Berlin


Funding period 11/5/19 12:28 AM o'clock - 2/4/20 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period February 2020-October 2020
Funding goal 100,000 €

With the First Funding Goal, including alternatively funded money and a very large reduction in the selling price, we hope to purchase the cinema.

2nd Funding goal 1,600,000 €

With the Second Funding Goal is the existence and survival of the cinema secured. The current asking price amounts to two million Euors. We already have 400,000

Category Movie / Video
Ort Berlin
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Moviemento Retter UG
Wulf Sörgel
Kottbusser Damm 22
10967 Berlin Deutschland
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