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Together, we can save the oldest cinema in Germany.

We are Moviemento, the oldest cinema in Germany. We are an independently-run cinema, and home to many film festivals and special cinema events of all kinds. Moviemento’s existence is critically threatened as the rooms housing the cinema are up for sale on the real estate market. We want to withdraw the cinema from the market, to purchase the space, and to secure the long-term survival of this unique space. Please show us your support with a donation. You can help us save Moviemento!
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Funding period
11/5/19 - 3/17/20
February 2020-October 2020
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Minimum amount (Start level): 100,000 €

With the First Funding Goal, including alternatively funded money and a very large reduction in the selling price, we hope to purchase the cinema.

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What is this project all about?

We were told in mid-October that the space where the cinema Moviemento is and always has been since 1907 will be put on the market to sell. The selling price is so high that the cinema will no longer be able to afford the rent after the space has been sold. After a short shock of paralysis at the news, we quickly began to talk to politicians, potential partners, and friends. The only chance to save the oldest cinema in Germany is to buy the space ourselves. We scraped together all the money we had, which was around 200,000 Euros. A good friend also immediately lent us another 200,000 Euros.

We made a start, but the mission still seems inconceivably huge. We will take up this challenge!

With the 1st funding goal of 100,000 Euros, including money from other sources, and hopefully a considerable reduction in the selling price through real estate investors with a heart, we hope to purchase the cinema. We set the funding goal comparatively low, because we do not yet know how much funding we will collect from other channels and in direct discussion with possible partners.

With the 2nd funding goal of 1.6 million Euros we will be able to purchase the spaces of the cinema. The current asking price with additional costs is a little over two million. We already have 400,000 Euros and with an additional 1.6 Million Euros, the existence and survival of the cinema is secured.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We want to purchase the space that houses Kino Moviemento, remove it from market speculation and ensure the long-term survival of the oldest cinema in Germany.
Nothing else threatens cultural sites in our cities as extremely as real-estate speculation. If we don’t watch out, these places will disappear.
Filmmakers and creators, please help a place that connects you and your work with a diverse public. Movie-goers and film lovers, save your cinema.
Real-estate investors, be a hero. Show that you have a heart!

Why would you support this project?

Moviemento is a legend. Who hasn’t fallen in love here, fought over films, and experienced unforgettable moments? You also can’t imagine the world without Moviemento? Then be a Moviemento Hero. Let’s together preserve an unforgettable and incomparable place, a place for controversial films und discussions, for scores of festivals and premieres, for kids’ films and school events, for film education and for the first ever visit to a cinema.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money will be used to purchase the space of Kino Moviemento. Should more money be donated than ultimately necessary for the purchase (through reduction of the sale price or through money from backers) this money will be entirely used to build a long-planned 4th theater room and perhaps even an extension to our smallest theater room, theater 3.

Who are the people behind the project?

The whole Moviemento Team stands behind this project, represented by the managers Iris Praefke and Wulf Sörgel, who already saved the cinema from closing in 2007, on the anniversary of its 100th birthday, and who, together with their entire team, again turned the cinema into the amazing place it is today.

pitching video: Eleonora Esau, Franziska Rummel
music pitching video: Ferdinand Breil -
campaign title: Marion Habringer -

Moviemento Team

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Moviemento Retter UG
Wulf Sörgel
Kottbusser Damm 22
10967 Berlin Deutschland

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