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Community- Music Therapy for Refugees

My Vision is a music-bus that can go to different places like refugee camps, asylum-seekers centers or other organisations to help people connect with each other and become active through music.
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5/1/18 - 5/31/18
Mai 2018
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Minimum amount (Start level): 2,000 €

If we reach the first funding goal, I can buy some instruments for the projects I have already started.

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What is this project all about?

The Project is a community-based music Project for refugees. In my weekly sessions Music becomes a medium that can help getting more self-confident and can strengthen identity.

In a transcultural setting where music is been used as an empowerment- tool. It is also important for me to include locals to increase cultural understanding and tolerance.

To find some more informations about me and my international projects please have a look at mus website:

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Music can help you get in contact with your own positive emotions again and it can support you to regain control over your own life. Music has very strong connections with our emotions which can help us decrease stress levels and offers a safe space for us to express our inner and profound feelings.

Music also has the power of connecting people even if there is a language barrier. Thats why my sessions are open for both, locals and newcomers.

Why would you support this project?

To realize my vision and help as many people as possible I need your help. We all know how powerful music can be... and with your support we can reach more people who can benefit from music and it's therapeutic characteristics

Having a multicultural background (German Mother, Turkish Grandmother, and a Grandfather who grew up in Pakistan) I know how to use different musical techniques that suits the individuals background and culture, and I saw how it can help connect people to their roots and to strengthen their Identity. Music has always helped me a lot on my journey and I would like to share this experience with the people..

The Power of music is to connect people. Together we have direct influence on our surroundings and by supporting my project you will help to create a safe and tolerant environment for humans who were forced to leave their home countries. With simple and creative methods we can influence our surroundings and even our society.

By supporting my project you will encourage me to believe in my vision of a safer and a more loving environment for young people to bloom and lead a brighter future! and hopefully make it sustainable to reach and touch as many as possible.

Let´s work together towards a better future, make a change, and support each others goals and dreams.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

To work more effectively I still need financial help for the following things.
I need a few more instruments like Guitars, Bass, microphones and Percussion-instruments.
Because of the fact that I will be working in many different locations I also need a vehicle as I have to provide the places with my own instruments. To transport them I am looking for a van.
While buying the instruments I will mostly look for second-hand instruments but also garanty to support local music-shops.

At the moment I am working for two Projects, one in Bielefeld (Kultur3Eck Bi-Ost) and one in Dortmund (Train of Hope e.V.) . As my help is needed in many different locations and those places don´t have their own instruments, I need a van to provide them with instruments.

With your support it is possible to provide such a "Music-Bus" and make many peole happy.

Who are the people behind the project?

During my Musictherapy studies at ArtEZ Conservatory in the Netherlands I have gained a lot of practical experience and based on evidence-based Methods I have developed this concept. This concept I have already used in my own projects with underpriviledges kids in India, in a asylum seekers center in Netherlands, in a Refugee Camp in Germany and in the refugee camps on the greek Island Lesbos. I have seen how much music helped children and adults to open up and get into contact with positive emotions again and I would like to continue this work and spread the Idea.

At the moment i am working regulary in two projects. One in Bielefeld (Kultur3Eck Bi-Ost) and one at Train of Hope e.V. in Dortmund.

To find out more about me and my international projects please have a look at my website:

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