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"Own Drum" is the first stop-motion animation featuring the most famous puppet in the world: Barbie. Compared to the pink world you all know from her, we will discover Barbie's honest emotions, fears and dreams. In this story she discovers her feelings for a mysterious and redhaired beauty. She thinks of her as the way out of the imprisoning relationship with Ken and the overwhelming pressure she feels from society. Barbie has to learn how to march to the beat of her OWN DRUM.
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9/9/13 - 10/31/13
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Die Stills der Woche

Kai Stänicke
Kai Stänicke1 min Lesezeit

Kurz vorm Feierabend noch schnell die Stills der Woche. Ziemlich grandiose Woche würde ich sagen. Aber sie ist noch nicht vorbei: Morgen müssen Barbie, Ken & Co nochmal ran!

Wir zählen die letzten Drehtage an. Aber wir können den Film ohne eure Hilfe nicht fertig machen. Werdet OWN DRUMMER auf

Here they are: The stills from this week. A terrific week as you can see for yourself. But it’s not over yet: Tomorrow Barbie, Ken & the others need to go back to work.

We’re counting the last days of shooting but we can’t finish this film without your help. Become an OWN DRUMMER and help us finish this film at

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