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"Own Drum" is the first stop-motion animation featuring the most famous puppet in the world: Barbie. Compared to the pink world you all know from her, we will discover Barbie's honest emotions, fears and dreams. In this story she discovers her feelings for a mysterious and redhaired beauty. She thinks of her as the way out of the imprisoning relationship with Ken and the overwhelming pressure she feels from society. Barbie has to learn how to march to the beat of her OWN DRUM.
Funding period
9/9/13 - 10/31/13
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Minimum amount (Start level): €
10,000 €
Movie / Video
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Die letzten 5 Tage!

Kai Stänicke
Kai Stänicke1 min Lesezeit

5 Tage bleiben noch um Barbies Träume wahr werden zu lassen. Helft uns dieses tolle Projekt fertig zu stellen und unterstützt, liked und shared nochmal. Jeder Cent hilft, jeder Like bringt Barbie ihrem Ziel einen Schritt näher. Für die LIEBE!!

5 days left to make Barbies dreams come true. Help us to finish the project in these final days by supporting and sharing it with everyone you know. Every cent helps, every like brings Barbie closer to her dreams. Do it for LOVE!!

Stop-motion animation Own Drum