We combine sustainability with delicious snack fun for everyone. With our insect snacks we offer an alternative to conventional snack solutions that is affordable for everyone. Our crackers in various flavors and tortilla chips not only taste good, but look delicious as well. This way we save resources and break with food taboos. Let's snack with a twist!
15,175 €
Charlott Roth
Charlott Roth / Projektberater
Yeah, you made it. The project is successful. I'm glad that the project can be realized now. Well done ;)

About this project

Funding period 10/15/20 3:00 PM - 11/20/20 11:59 PM
Realisation 10/15/2020 to 11/15/2020
Startlevel 10,000 €

Wir finanzieren die industrielle Produktion der ersten größeren Charge.
We finance the industrial production of the first larger batch.

Category Food
City Berlin
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Native Foods GmbH
Camilo Carrillo Wilisch
Feurigstr. 54
10827 Berlin Deutschland
USt-IdNr.: DE334671748


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Für diese Kampagne haben wir bereits die Unterstützung von zahlreiche Personen und Organisationen bekommen. Danke an: https://www.hof-praedikow.de/ https://www.johann-mayer.de/ https://www.walnussmeisterei.de/ https://www.diewurmfarm.at/