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This documentary film provides a deep insight into today's roots reggae scene in Jamaica. What is this music and culture which is currently experiencing a new uprising all about? Join this journey to Kingston and feel the spirit of rising consciousness in this exciting time, meet artists and activists of the Reggae Revival movement as well as protagonists of the elder generation explaining what roots reggae music and culture is all about from their personal point of view!
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11/13/13 - 12/22/13
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8,900 €
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Nur noch 688€ bis zum Ziel !!!

Jonas Schaul
Jonas Schaul1 min Lesezeit

Nur noch 688€ bis zum Ziel !!! Das schaffen wir gemeinsam!:) Vielen Dank allen Unterstützern!! Sagt es weiter und helft uns auch die letzten Meter zu meistern für diesen einzigartigen Film:)

Roots & Culture - the film