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The documentary accompanies a human rights seminar uniting 30 young adults from Germany, Ukraine and Belarus for three one-week seminars, in which they discuss the state of human rights in general and in their countries. The project’s aim, to create campaigns, may become a hazardous undertaking. It's the sensitivity of the project which makes it even more important to document the happenings - to give voice to the participants and create transparency. Find recent developments in our blog.
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3/15/12 - 4/30/12
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4,494 €
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We are starting! | Es geht los!

Sebastian Hasse
Sebastian Hasse1 min Lesezeit

Here we go! Today "Speak Up ..." is entering the financing stage. A big thank you to all who have supported us so far and to my film crew Johannes, Lara, Fia and Elli. From now on we have 46 days to reach our target amount of € 4.494. Any financial support will help us to produce "Speak Up ..".

Behind the scenes the next human rights seminar in the Ukraine is beeing preparated. In mid-April, for 8-10 days we are in the Crimea and again accompany the participants of "Speak Up for Human Rights! Use New Media".

Es geht los! "Speak Up..." startet heute in die Finanzierungsphase. Ein großes Dankeschön an alle, die uns bisher schon unterstützt haben und an meine Filmcrew Johannes, Lara, Fia und Elli. Wir haben ab heute 46 Tage, um unseren Zielbetrag von 4,494 € zu erreichen. Jede finanzielle Unterstützung hilft uns weiter, "Speak Up..." fertig zu stellen.

Hinter den Kulissen beginnen nun auch schon die Vorbereitungen auf das nächste Menschenrechtsseminar in der Ukraine. Ab Mitte April sind wir für 8-10 Tage auf der Krim und begleiten wieder die TeilnehmerInnen von "Speak up for Human Rights! Use New Media!".

"Speak up 4 Human Rights" - the Documentary

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