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FR|EN Les villes jumelées franco-allemandes dans une nouvelle vision | French-German twin towns in new visualization + exhibition + website

FR|EN Les photos panoramiques de Streetline montre une perspective encore inconnue de ces villes. Pour une exposition photo et un projet web, nous ajouterons les villes françaises jumelées aux villes allemandes existant déjà en photos panoramiques _____ Streetline Cityscapes show citizens and visitors a brand new perspective of cities. For an exhibition and web project we will add french twin towns to our material of german cities: Paris | Lyon | Marseille | Strasbourg | Bordeaux + possibly more
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11/15/15 - 12/14/15
Website & Social Media
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3,800 €
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Jörg Dietrich
Anna-Kuhnow-Str. 21
04317 Leipzig Deutschland

UST-ID DE286205950

12/13/15 - Erste Resultate! Straßburg|Strasbourg Die...

Erste Resultate! Straßburg|Strasbourg
Die ersten Streetline Ansichten aus Strasbourg sind bearbeitet und veröffentlicht | The first results in streetlines are published:

12/10/15 - Credit for our supporters! This was not...

Credit for our supporters!
This was not explicitely mentioned above, but all supporters will be mentioned (if desired) in the PanoramaStreetline blog post as well as on the new project site, after the project is successfully funded :)


101 weeks 101 cities

Every week another european city will be published in an unseen unique perspective - for 101 weeks.

Fineart Factory

Unser Druckpartner in Leipzig macht Ihr Motiv zu einem echten Original. Durch persönliche Beratung, sicheres Know-how, handwerkliches Geschick und moderne Technik entstehen ausdrucksstarke Produkte, die Sie begeistern werden. Wir sind es.


Creative Studio based in Leipzig

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german|french twin towns in streetline cityscapes
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