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Not a guide, but the guidance - city trips re-invented. An app to discover new places. Free. Mindful. Gamified.

Tamullu... Is it an ancient tribe? A faraway star? Or our project? Or even all of these at once? For us Tamullu is a free online gamified platform that allows users to take treasure hunt-like walks around different cities, get rewards for completing these walks and share achievements.
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7/17/18 - 8/17/18
Spring '19
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 5,000 €

Wooohoo, with this money we will be able to start the 1st Tamullu Research Expedition to deconstruct the travel nightmares and come back with mindful solutions.

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Not a guide, but the guidance

Ekaterina Chikhun
Ekaterina Chikhun2 min Lesezeit

Hey, still wondering what exactly Tamullu is?

Dr.Ullu answers: "Tamullu is an app that acts as a friend showing you his beloved home. It provides you with necessary guidance and tells you stories. It is social by design - city pin collection is crowdsourced and updated constantly. And it highly personalized. Definitely made for you!"

Well, our team adds - Tamullu is definitely NOT a city guide as we know it. Take a look yourself:

  • No fixed routes - every walk is different, you can start and finish it where you want. Every traveler owns his own itinerary and decides where to go
  • No time pressure - a race might be fun, but Tamullu doesn't put up the clock. You decide whether you want to rush or not. Pit-stops for coffee-boosts and local food recommended!
  • No "must-see" approach - Tamullu doesn't focus on major sightseeing spots (but does not avoid them as well). Dr.Ullu appreciates the beauty of small things
  • No fixed cost associated - you decide whether you want to give Dr.Ullu an online tip
  • No "one size fits all" approach - Dr.Ullu knows that every city is different and insists that a good guest has to understand local culture and obey the law. So Tamullu embeds useful tips, e.g. "You are in the residential area and it is late. Even though Berlin is crazy, people sleep sometimes. Please, be quiet!"
  • And last but not the least - Tamullu encourages you to explore further with its lovely badges and thought-through gamified approach.

Wnat to know how Dr.Ullu earnes money for his existence? All the details are here

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