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Two CDs/One book. About a journey. About a transformation. About a change in the outside and the inside. 50% of the earnings will help people in Nepal

My name is Germaid. I am a Singer & Songwriter. Development aid worker. Traveler. Refugee of the System. Child of Earth. Human! I sing songs. I write stories. About the people. About the happenings in this world. About the outside and the inside. I am critical. I am loud. I am sensitive. I am silent. “Transformation” takes you on a journey. Through this world... to yourself.
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3/10/16 - 4/25/16
April - May 2016
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3,500 €
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What is this project all about?

“Anyone who goes traveling has stories to tell...” that is why there will be not only one, but two CDs! That is why you will not only get music, but also a book which is inspired by the stories of my journey. A journey through the different countries of this planet. Jordan, Germany, Sweden, India, Nepal... A journey of a rebellious girl that was asking herself if a world whose structures are based on consuming, corruption, unequal distribution and wars really suit our human nature... to a woman who was discovering the secret of a new consciousness, actually of a whole universe, in herself. Get ready for this journey and experience the adventure of your own transformation!

In 2015 I was traveling in Nepal after the earthquake hit the country on the 25th of April. I was volunteering in the disaster area for more than 6 weeks. After this social work we opened the NGO Be the change e.V. I am combining my passion for music and my passion to help people, especially children in time of need. Transformation is not only telling the stories of this people, also 50% of the earnings will be donated to the NGO so we can continue with our social projects in Nepal.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The goal is to create a very unique concept album with the titel Transformation to listen and to read. To feel and to get inspired. The album includes: 2 CDs à 8 titels so 16 songs, plus a book with 16 chapters.
The goal is to give a thought-provoking impulse. The goal is thereby to be the transformation, to be the change myself... to get to a new consciousness, that is changing from an ego-based society to a society where we reach out our hands to each other.

This album is for the people that are ready to get inspired, that want to move something in a world that is stuck. People that are feeling imprisoned in an inhuman system, that insistently feel, there must be more than just living for working. People that are ready to free themselves from the chains to go new ways. People that have the courage to follow their hearts.

Why would you support this project?

If you feel a resonance with this project, if there is a voice inside of you telling you this is a useful project, then support it!

With my music I want to enrich people. I want to make this world a bit more beautiful. With the concept album Transformation this is happening directly. 50% of the earnings of the album will be donated to the NGO “Be the Change e.V.”. In this association I am supporting people in Nepal myself, people that became victims of the earthquake of the 25th of April. That means you are not only supporting a wonderful and important music project, you are giving your social contribution at the same time.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

To give the album the final touch I want to spend one more day in the recording studio and finance the following pressing via Crowdfunding, plus the binding of the book. The given funding goal of 3.500 Euro is covering 90% of the costs of the pressing of the CDs, the binding of the book and the recording studio costs.

In case of an over financing I can cover 100% of my expenses. Plus I want to pay for my photographer and the creator of my web page for their hours of work.

Who are the people behind the project?

Next to me there are many friends involved in the project "Transformation":

The musicians:
Miko Mikulicz (violin), Laurent Quirós (percussion, Indian flute, mandolin, guitar, vocals), Gregor Mollenhauer-Weber (bass), Germaid (vocals, guitar, shamanic drum)

The producers:
Clemens Damerau (production, mixing, piano, vocals), Hervé Jeanne (owner of "D Room Recording Studios", production, mixing)

Photo & Graphik:
Haru Wunderlich

Carmen Leithäuser

The children choir:
Zoe-Aliya Bahlau, Jill Jürgens

Web page:
Sven-Michael Salzer

My travel companion, my muse, co-founder of our NGO "Be the Change e.V.", singer on the CD, my supporter and life-partner I have survived earthquakes and I've seen dream beaches with:
Björn Apostel

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Be the change e.V.

Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, Schaffen von Infrastrukturen und Fördern kultureller Bildung für die Ärmsten der Armen in Regionen der Dritten Welt - Fokus: Nepal

D Room Recording Studio

Das Studio für handgemachte Musik in der Region Hannover

Tonstudio mit Flügel in Gehrden bei Hannover
Inhaber: Hervé Jeanne

Radio Leinehertz 106.5

Das Bürgerradio für die Region Hannover. Germaids Musik-Sendung "Songpoeten" und ihre Konzertreihe "Acoustic Poeten" wurde von Radio Leinehertz monatl. präsentiert. Nun unterstützt das Bürgerradio die Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Albums.

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