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Grid Elements 2.0
Improved TYPO3-Backend with new features The goal is to publish Grid Elements version 2.0 in early 2013. This version will be compatible to the TYPO3 6.0 core and will contain several new features that make the daily work with the CMS faster and easier.
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First Grid Elements 2.0 alpha available on

Jo Hasenau
Jo Hasenau1 min Lesezeit

A first usable alpha version of Grid Elements 2.0 is now available in our repository

The PHP error message regarding problems with namespacing and the way the TYPO3 6.0 core is implementing hooks are now gone, even for users of Debian systems.

The list module and the drag in wizard are still missing and there are several smaller JavaScript problems, since parts of the HTML structure of the page module has been remarkably changed, but the basic functionality is working flawlessly.

As we already announced, we decided to deactivate the drag 6 drop methods of the TYPO3 core. Additionally there were some changes to the original layout of the page module, for example to reduce the extreme spaces between columns and above column headers.

We would higly appreciate if you could test this version already and report potential bugs at, while we will go on fixing the known problems.

We'll stay tuned!

Grid Elements 2.0

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