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Book "Einfach Weisheit und Liebe - Venusische Spiritualität" by Omnec Onec ("From Venus I Came") and Anja Schäfer.

The idea to create this book came in 2011 to me while I was touring with Omnec Onec on the occasion of the release of her main work (The Venusian Trilogy) in Germany. The English version of my bookproject titled "Simply Wisdom and Love - Venusian Spirituality" was published in 2015. Now, I finished the German edition and would love to have it printed. This book is wonderful, because its information supports the raise of human conciousness and thereby the Transformation Process of the Earth.
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2/25/16 - 4/15/16
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1,500 €
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What is this project all about?

My project is about the publication of the book "Einfach Weisheit und Liebe - Venusische Spiritualität", which is the German edition of "Simply Wisdom and Love - Venusian Spirituality". It's my intention to have the book printed. Of course, I would also love to do promotion for this book to the best of my ability.

Title: Einfach Weisheit und Liebe - Venusische Spiritualität
[English: Simply Wisdom and Love - Venusian Spirituality]
Authors: Omnec Onec and Anja Schäfer
Pages: ca. 280 [English edition: 266 pages]
ISBN 978-3981744118
[English edition: ISBN 978-3981744101]
Interior: black and white with some photos
Price: ca. 19,90 Euros

About the book:
The world as we know it is changing rapidly, a Transformation Process of the Earth is in progress. The current world system, in which a few powerful people control and manipulate others, is coming to an end. The Earth is ascending to a higher frequency. Thanks to courageous messengers such as Omnec Onec, we are reminded of what we have long forgotten: that our ancestors came from other star systems and galaxies. Our existence is not limited to the physical life we live. We are all Souls and universal beings, created by a loving Creator. This book, Simply Wisdom and Love, provides readers with an opportunity to gain insight into Venusian Teachings.

Table of Contents

  • „The Unknown History of our Solar System and the Spiritual Transformation of the Earth“ (Omnec Onec’s main lecture)
  • Unpublished texts: „The true story of Jesus Christ“, „Meeting a Gnome“, „Venusian Script“, „Venusian Ceremonies“, „Interview with Marina Popovich“
  • Transcripts of public appearances with questions and answers
  • Projects: „Omnec’s Oasis“, „Operation Peace Programme“, „Bookproject "Dancing on Moonbeams"

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

My work and my life shall be a contribution for the Transformation Process of the Earth by helping raise the human beings consciousness. My personal goal is to support myself by working independently and to take care for my physical existence without being dependent on public help or without the need to return to an employer's situation. This book publication shall be another step on my path.

Among people who are interested in advanced civilizations, extaterrestrial life, and the ongoing Transformation Process of the Earth, Omnec Onec has been known as the "Woman from Venus" since the Ninetees. I personally know her since 1997, since then I have been working together with her.

Target Audience

  • People who know and love Omnec Onec's autobiography "From Venus I Came"
  • People who are interested in information from advanced and benevolent civilizations
  • People who believe that the ancestors of human beings on Earth came from outer space
  • People who believe that the systems on Earth are based on manipulation and control and that we are in times of change
  • People who want to know more about Creation, the Creator, and Soul.
  • People who want to increase their ability to live unconditional love and peace.
  • People who like supporting young entrepreneurs

Why would you support this project?

This book contains good information. These information can enrichen ones life and help find new perspectives.

The realization that we create our world with our imagination and the application of this knowledge helps to crate a conciously desired world in which we and our children truly want to life - a world without separation, wars, illnesses, and fear. Instead, a world where people conciously use their imaginative powers to create what they want, where people live in harmony with the Universe and each other, and where people are aware of the Creator and know that they are Souls.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

I will spend the 1,500 Euros for:

  • Print of 200 copies (600 Euros)
  • Rewards (185 Euros*)
  • Print of flyers for fairs and to include in packages of distributor (40 Euros)
  • Promotion with a stand and lectures at the Happiness Fair in Radolfzell, May 2016 (525 Euros)
  • Fees for crowdfunding (150 Euros)

*The 185 Euros for the rewards are estimated costs for shipping the books (the books that Omnec Onec has to sign need to be shipped to the USA and back to Europe) and for gas, in case a bookshop would like to invite me for a reading/lecture in a radius of 200 km around 78355 Hohenfels/Germany.

In case more money flows, I can do more - some possibilities are:

  • Print of 500 copies (1100 Euros)
  • Letter mailings to bookshops with flyers (from 100 Euros)
  • PR Social Media, Facebook Ads (from 50 Euros)
  • Events with Omnec Onec in Europe (she lives in the USA)

Who are the people behind the project?

Anja Schäfer. New publisher, Visionary Entrepreneur, Assistant of Omnec Onec, self-employed with Discus Publishing Services, Project Manager of the visionary project "Omnec's Oasis"

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