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Bye-Bye painful periods, PMS and hormonal acne, hello #HappyCycles

Circles supplements & tea for healthy cycles are characterized by their vegan and innovative formulas. The first product line consists of 3 products; FLOW to relieve period pains and heavy bleeding, BALANCE to regulate mood swings, bloating and cravings, and CLEAR to detoxify the liver and kidneys, and fight acne and hair loss. We spent 2 years researching and developing our products until we found the perfect formulas: the best of nature and medicine!
Funding period
7/6/21 - 8/13/21
October 2021
Minimum amount (Start level): 20,000 €

20.000 EUR - We can start the production

30.000 EUR - New products for further symptoms

50.000 EUR - Next stop: Menopause & Peri-menopause!

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What is this project all about?

We were fed up with suffering every single month and only being offered drugs or painkillers as a solution.
After not being able to find a natural alternative, we decided to tackle the problem ourselves. What we developed is as effective as its over the counter drug counterparts and has never been available before.

As we don’t all suffer from the same symptoms, we developed different products for different hormone types that are tailored to those specific symptoms.

3 products, 3 hormone types: so that everyone can find a suitable solution for their particular cycle ailments.
Our products can be used individually or combined for maximum effectiveness.

BALANCE balances your cycle, combats PMS, and creates the optimal conditions to make FLOW and CLEAR work most effectively.

For long-term hormone balance, we recommend taking it for a minimum of 2 cycles, and ideally 3 cycles.

You’ll also receive our e-book, “The 28-Day Method” with each bundle. You’ll learn how to better understand your cycle and how to optimize the effect of our products through nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and how to support your hormones and bring them into permanent balance.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

All people who menstruate who suffer from cycle discomforts such as period pain, PMS, irregular cycles, hormonal acne, and have not yet found any proper solution.

Why would you support this project?

We want to create a new reality where women and menstruators no longer have to suffer from their cycles and hormones.
Ignoring women's pain is ingrained in society. Let's change that, now.

Let's talk about our pains without shame and taboos, get more education about our bodies and finally also take effective, natural products instead of synthetic hormones and painkillers.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

This is the minimum amount we need to be able to produce our natural products for #HappyCycles in a fair and sustainable way.

If we reach the 35,000 milestone, we can develop more products that bring the well-being of women and people who menstruate to the forefront, e.g. products against bladder infections, digestive problems, etc.

Our heart's desire is to be the point of contact for women* and all those who experience menstruation, from the first period to menopause and beyond, and to accompany them throughout their lives. At 100,000 we can develop further products for extended target groups such as menopause, pre-menopause, childbearing, postnatal phase, etc.

Who are the people behind the project?

Circles' founding team is Margaux Aliamus and Sis Timberg.

This includes our lovely Lisa Schütt, who is walking the Circles journey with us.

And the lovely team: Zoe Brossy, Anjaly Anisten & Morgan Reed-Parker.

You can follow our journey on Instagram:
We would like to say thank you:

To everyone who supported us on the video and photoshoot:
Frank Zerban, Axel Tenner, Alicia Perez.

And again, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU to our community!!!


The crowdfunding project was not successful and can no longer be supported.

  • All orders and payments have been automatically cancelled and reversed.
  • You have questions? Contact the Startnext support team.
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We are Circles UG
Margaux Aliamus
Rheinsberger Strasse 69
10115 Berlin Deutschland
USt-IdNr.: DE341848888


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