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Startnext is going live - for you and your crowdfunding success! With our Academy, we will prepare you for everything you need, to be successful with your project.
On Pitch Day you can present your project and network with other starters.
The Launch Day is our community highlight - a whole day dedicated to starters who want to get started together and win additional cofunding in the evening at our Launch Day Show.

You're here just for fun or as a supporter of a project? Welcome to Startnext Live - tune in and experience a huge amount of community feeling!

Please note that all of our live formats will take place in German.



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Start & Win

Launch Day & Launch Day Show

Launch Day takes place on the first Thursday of every month. Many projects use the opportunity to start together and benefit from the combined power of the crowd. In the evenings we will celebrate the Launch Day Show - with lots of entertainment, €1,000 cofunding for a winning project and audience prizes!

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