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The rules of the game

There are a few rules for the Academy Sessions that lead to creating space for fun and learning, and forward-thinking exchanges.

  • Have fun
  • Be ready to show yourself with video
  • Mute your microphone while others are speaking
  • If you have a question or comment, give us a visible show of hands or use Zoom's "raise hand" feature
  • It's your turn and you can speak freely as soon as the moderator calls you
  • Share your ideas and thoughts openly and boldly
  • Receive and give feedback as a gift
  • Relate your questions and answers to the topic of the day
  • Keep it short and try to frame your questions in way that can also help others

The academy team

Joy Lange
Crowd agent

"Exchanging ideas with starters at the Academy is always a great pleasure and enormously enriching."

Sophie Gnest
High Priest of Datafiction

Nachdem ich mit den Fertiggerichten von pack&satt 2021 meine eigene Crowdfunding-Kampagne gestartet habe, verbreite ich nun als Projektberaterin und auf Events den Startnext-Spirit. Als Kommunikationsdesignerin liebe ich es, mich in verschiedene Köpfe reinzuversetzen und Motivation für Zukunftsideen zu geben. In meiner Freizeit tanze ich mich durch die unterschiedlichsten Stile.

Read in

Startnext manual

In the manual you will find step-by-step instructions, valuable tips and further inspiration. The manual follows the goal to take you by the hand while you start a Startnext project.


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