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Launch Day Show 

Apply for the show

Do you want to launch your project by the next Launch Day and of course present it at the Launch Day Show? Then sign up. You can apply by booking a free pitch slot. The pitches are always recorded on Wednesdays for the show on Thursdays.

Book your pitch slot

Apply for the show

You want to launch your project at the next Launch Day and of course you want to present it at the Launch Day Show? Then apply. Application deadline is every week Wednesday 10.00 am.

Conditions of participation

  • You have a legitimate project on Startnext (only possible from the launch phase!)
  • Your project is in the launch phase at the latest on the Wednesday before Launch Day (so that it can go online automatically)
  • Your project starts on Launch Day at the latest at 6 p.m.
  • The application form via the pitch booking process is completely filled out.
  • You produce your pitch yourself and deliver it by 10 a.m. on Wednesday at the latest (before the show).
  • After consultation we may record a short interview (5 min.)
  • Our team decides whether we will accept your pitch for the show. You will be informed in time before the show.
  • From the broadcast of the show on Thurs. 6 p.m., you have to advertise for likes on your pitch. All likes on the posts/videos posted by Startnext on: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Tiktok - the Likes will be added up by us from Monday 10am. The legal process is excluded. It is possible that videos on ext. platforms are not played or blocked. Unfortunately Startnext has no influence on this.
  • The winning project will be assigned the cofunding on his project on Monday 18:00.
  • The show will take place if at least 5 projects pitch, max. 15 projects will be admitted.
  • The amount of cofunding depends on the number of projects. Per project we give 100€ into the pot, but maximum 1.000€.
  • The winning project is required to be available for an online interview appointment between 2pm-4pm. In the Launch Day Recap, the results will be made public, the project will be celebrated and interviewed. The video will appear on Youtube.

* Criteria for inclusion in the show:

  • your pitch is understandable, clear, short (60 sec.)
  • your pitch contains your call to action to support your project + leave a like on the post for cofunding
  • you, possibly your team are visible in the pitch
  • your project is ready for launch
  • your project meets our guidelines
  • your project is valuable for the community (private funding will not be accepted for the pitch)

Show flow with 1-10 projects

The show takes place every week. As we cannot guarantee how many projects will actually appear for the pitch recording, there is a flow mode according to which the show adapts to the number of participants. This ensures that we can always broadcast and pitchers don't have to wait.

A normal Launch Day Show takes place when 3-10 projects have registered for the Thursday and recorded their pitch. The prize money is based on the number of participants, i.e. between €300 and €1,000. The participants will only find out how much they will receive in the respective show edition during the show.

A Battle Show takes place when 2 projects register and have recorded their pitch. The prize money for the most likes is €200. The project with the most comments will receive an additional €100.

A Boost Show takes place when 1 project registers. The project does not receive prize money but 100€ in adds in the Startnext channels. So we fuel the pitch exclusively. The show will be broadcast with a slightly longer and more in-depth interview.