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One stressed businessman, one blood-thirsty traffic island in the middle of a forest and one year in 12 minutes. Our short film 90 DEGREES NORTH questions the belief in and the desperate clutching to systems – be it work, capitalism or simply: a common traffic-light operating system. Red - wait, green - go.
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Summer Loving

Detsky Graffam
Detsky Graffam1 min Lesezeit

Dear Supporters,
As the summer draws to a close we reflect on the excellent times we’ve had! It was a very busy period for 90 Grad Nord, being accepted at the the following festivals:

Sopot Film Festival (09.-17.07.16)

Shorts at Moonlight (13.-31.07.16)

International Film Festival of Patmos (21.-27.07.16)

Fünf Seen Filmfestival (27.07-07.08.16)

Filmfest Weiterstadt (11.-15.08.16)

Vukovar Film Festival (22.-27.08.16)

Kino, Mond & Sterne

Oderkurz (13.-15.09.16)

INTE Cinema Festival (13.-19.09.16)

No time to spare, though! There’s a whole lot to look forward to as the run of festivals continues with vigour.
Thank you and best wishes from the 90 Grad Nord team.

Image: A floating cinema on the Danube at Vukovar Film Festival.

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