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An impossible dream will be set in the world of Iranian reality in 2019. Thanks to Instagram it becomes viral: from all parts of the multi-ethnic country singers are contacted with the aim to meet in Esfahan. The film shows how music emerges at the roots of life and finds its way into the world with primordial power. Whether at the age of 15 or 97 years, the impressive voices of these women touch us at heart, their courage and their personalities cast a spell on us.
10,795 €
Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Projektberater "Excellent crowd financing round, I am curious how this project will continue."

Premiere: der direkte link zum Film

Andreas Rochholl
Andreas Rochholl1 min Lesezeit

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Hier ist der link zum Film. Premiere ist am Samstag um 19:00 Uhr!
Wir sind auf Eure Reaktionen gespannt! Auf YouTube kann man direkt unter das Video einen Kommentar schreiben oder auch beim Live-stream direkt in den Chat hinein etwas schreiben.

Wir sind schon sehr aufgeregt und in Vorfreude!
Andreas, Yalda und Sebastian

Here is the link to our film. On Saturday we can watch the film all together with an international community in the same time. If you want, you can use the chat during the life stream or you can write la comment under the video, or you write an email to us, as you like, but we would be happy to hear your resonance :)
All the best
Andreas, Yalda and Sebastian

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