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Footprint Project - Leggi Leggi! debut cd & vinyl
All of us from the Footprint Project say Hello and thank you for your attention! We have a plan: We want to release our first album 'Leggi Leggi!' this december on CD and Vinyl and could use a little of your support. Whether it's a little money, a word to someone or listening to our music, we're thankful for everything!
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Daily Footprint #8

Nils Brzoska
Nils Brzoska1 min Lesezeit

Unser Freund und Klampfen-Künstler Lenny, den wir zurzeit aufgrund seiner Reise nach Cambodia vermissen müssen, möchte euch seinen tiefsten Dank wissen lassen. Er hat durch euch jeden Grund zum Freuen und Feiern!


Although our dear friend and guitar player Lenny is far away spreading his beautiful way of living and making music in Cambodia, you are making him (and us) happier than we could have wished for!

Footprint Project - Leggi Leggi! debut cd & vinyl