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Collective concert by KOLLEKTIV UNRUHE, a young Berlin collective of composers and performers at the Klangwerkstatt festival.

We are a new Berlin-based collective of composers and performers who will present our full-length program NOT FOUND on November 16th at Klangwerkstatt Berlin, where twelve Unruhe members will approach the topic of failed communication together from different perspectives, creating a participatory installation with the audience in Studio 1 of Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin/Kreuzberg. 3000€ covers essential costs, means fair fees for artists, and pays our admin who currently volunteer.
Funding period
8/14/23 - 11/7/23
Until 15 November 2023
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Minimum amount (Start level): €
3,001 €
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Legal notice
Kollektiv Unruhe e. V.
Nik Bohnenberger
Triftstraße 39
13353 Berlin Deutschland

8/25/23 - If we raise 1550, we can cover essential costs...

If we raise 1550, we can cover essential costs (e.g. travel, rental, promotion, accomodation).

If we reach 4695, all artists participating recieve a fair fee

If we reach 5469, this means the administration team from Unruhe can recieve a modest fee for the time they have spent carefully planning everything to do with NOT FOUND.

Any funds raised above 5469€ will go toward future projects like this!


Klangwerkstatt Berlin

Wir sind vom Festival Klangwerkstatt eingeladen, von denen wir bereits eine Teilförderung erhalten!

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