Crowdfunding finished
„Holy s##t!“ was my very first reaction when I saw Ioana’s grandparents BARN. Nothing from what I saw in one old black-and-white photograph could describe the actual state this BARN is nowadays. Once an architectural little piece of jewelry, this thatched-roof BARN that defines the culture and history of the region has become a pitiful ruin. Together with your graceful support, we will try to transform this relic into a vivid monument ready for future generations: a real Transylvanian landmark
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Workshops - YES or NO?

Andreas Pohl
Andreas Pohl1 min Lesezeit

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First the good news: we did it, again! Thanks to you beautiful people (including the <3 family in the picture) we reached our minimum funding goal. This means, we will do everything in our power to save the barn this summer! BUT unfortunately, we so far only have one booking for the Workshop. So, if you feel brave and positive: book it now!
Best wishes to all of you, stay happy clappy :D
Zuerst die gute Nachricht: wir haben es wieder geschafft! Das Minimalziel ist erreicht, und somit werden wir alles daran setzen, die Scheune diesen Sommer/Herbst zu renovieren. ABER zum Workshop gibt es leider nur eine Buchung. Wenn du jemanden kennst der vielleicht Lust hätte, oder uns anders unterstützen möchte - teile gerne unser Projekt!
Bleibt gesund und munter, herzliche Grüße an euch alle :D

Oh, you beautiful barn!