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possible.movement concerns itself with the interface between choreography, drawing and composition. For the last four years the group has spent time searching for a language between different art forms. The context between movement, sound, and graphic, as well as between composition, improvisation and notation is of primary interest for the group.
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4/16/13 - 6/27/13
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600 €
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Erfolgreich abgeschlossen/Sucessfully completed - Thank YOU!!!

Daniel Vezza
Daniel Vezza1 min Lesezeit

Liebe Freunde und Förderer.

wir wollen Euch ganz herzlich für Eure Unterstützung danken, durch die es uns möglich wurde das Projekt zu realisieren.

Die Dankeschöns werden wir ganz bald auf die Reise schicken. Wir hoffen, dass Sie Euch Freude bereiten.

EInen schönen Sommer wünschen

Johanne, Claudia, Dan und Ingolf von possible.movement

Dear friends and supporters,

thank you very much for your support, which allowed us to realize our project!

We soon will send you our rewards and hope you will have fun with them :)

We wish you a great summer (or in down under - winter ;)...

Take care,

Johanne, Claudia, Dan and Ingolf/ possible.movement

One man's garden is another man's house

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