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Extending 9 km through the German capital, Radbahn is a cyclist’s dream come true. It’s a project for Berliners, lovers of Berlin, and anyone interested in making cities more bike friendly and less polluted. Its realization would be an important sign of shift towards more sustainable mobility in German cities. But is it feasible? Yes! We, in cooperation with multiple experts, we have even written a study to prove it. Help us make Radbahn a reality: let’s convince the politicians on the project!
31,033 €
40,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
 Radbahn - we build the best bike path in the world


Funding period 10/07/2017 12:36 o'clock - 28/08/2017 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period Fall 2017
Funding goal reached 17,000 €
2nd Funding goal 40,000 €
Category Community

What is this project all about?

Radbahn’s objective is to transform the currently underutilised space under and along Berlin’s iconic elevated metro line U1 into a new urban artery. The 9km viaduct would act as a roof for the bike path and has been designed to include spaces for technological innovation, as well as cultural and leisure environments. The idea has captured the hearts and minds of people both in Germany and across the world. Since we launched the project, it has been featured in a host of global media outlets nationally and internationally. In 2015 we won the prestigious Ecodesign Award, which is granted by the German Ministry of Environment.

In Spring 2017, with assistance from a host of renowned experts and volunteers, we developed a 140-page potential study on Radbahn. This study not only proves that the project is feasible, but also demonstrates the massive potential it offers in terms of environmental, economical, mobility and cultural gains in the area and within the whole city of Berlin. A printed copy of the study includes multiple thoroughly-researched and interesting articles as well as clear graphics and great illustrations, all with a magazine feel to it. We therefore recommend this book to anyone interested in sustainable urban transformations and public space development in European urban centres.

We want to make Radbahn real. This is only possible if we can convince key stakeholders that it is indeed feasible and worth building. Our preliminary study is now finalized and therefore we have the needed content, but we need funds to cover the printing costs to share our findings with the world. We also desperately need to pay staff in order to lead the project forward in a professional and sustainable manner.

Please join us and help us making the Radbahn vision a reality. Give your support for better cycling infrastructure, for future-oriented & sustainable Berlin as well as for more liveable cities!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that Radbahn gets built. By the end of this year we hope to see the city of Berlin taking the first steps towards the implementation of the Radbahn project.

Radbahn is for Berliners, Berlin lovers, and cyclists everywhere. It’s for anyone who could imagine enjoying beautiful summer days by the Landwehr Canal. It’s for people who are fed-up with pollution in our cities and believe it’s time for more sustainable mobility solutions. Radbahn is for local communities along the route, but also for everyone who aspires to create a more liveable and loveable metropolis.

Why would you support this project?

You should definitely support us if you want to witness Radbahn getting built one day!

Also, by supporting this project you are not only contributing to a better Berlin, you’re also helping us to establish Radbahn as a precedent for similar projects around the world. We hope to inspire cities globally to invest more into cycling infrastructure, sustainable mobility solutions and enjoyable urban living.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

In order to prove feasibility and demonstrate the massive potential of this project, we wrote a book about it - with the help of multiple experts and volunteers. Raising €17,000 would allow us to finally get the book printed and start sending copies of it to key politicians and other influencers in Berlin.

Until now we have done almost all work on a pro-bono basis, but this is not sustainable. If we were to raise €30,000 we could, in addition to sending the book to key politicians, finally dedicate more time to push Radbahn forward over the next three months. We would focus on:

  • finding more partners to our pro-Radbahn alliance. This would for sure improve the position of the project in the Berlin agenda
  • convincing the politicians to take concrete steps towards making political decision to build Radbahn

If we reach our goal of €40,000 we will also organise Radbahn Street Party in fall 2017 - under the U1 viaduct, of course. This is in addition to everything described above. Parties are of course always nice, but this party has importance beyond just having good time: it makes the project more visible and tangible for everyone and gives people an opportunity to witness first-hand the positive impact Radbahn could have in the city. The party will be open for everyone, but drinks and thank-you-hugs will be free for everyone who donates to our crowdfunding campaign.

Who are the people behind the project?

We’re a team of eight people from five different countries, all living in Berlin. We are a mobility researcher, a cultural manager, a strategic advisor and a team of architects. As a team we introduced the idea of Radbahn to the public and media in the end of 2015. A bit later we founded a non-profit association called paper planes e.V. as a platform for the work on Radbahn and other similar initiates. Some of us are working up to four days per week on Radbahn and until now most of this work has been done on pro-bono basis. We are strong believers on Radbahn and very determined to make it happen. Support us in making this vision a reality!

Legal notice
paper planes e.V.
Matthias Heskamp
Weserstraße 67
12045 Berlin Germany

Alternativer Kontakt:
Maximilian Hoor (Schatzmeister)
[email protected]

Steuernummer: 27/675/57336

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