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We save perfectly edible food from being wasted and offer it at a discount online or in our food outlet store in Berlin

Half of all food in Europe is wasted, a large portion of which is still edible. SirPlus, together with the food industry, is revolutionizing the saving of food. We sell surplus food in Berlin's first food outlet store, via our same-day delivery service in Berlin, and online with delivery across Germany. Let's make food saving mainstream and increase the appreciation of food! Help us - every contribution counts!
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4/19/17 - 7/18/17
July - November 2017
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What is this project all about?

SirPlus, in cooperation with major players in the food industry, will save large quantities of surplus, non-standard, and expired food from farmers, producers, logistics companies, wholesalers, and retailers and bring them back into the food cycle responsibly. The food is sold by SirPlus at discounts of up to 70% of the original price. Retail customers and companies can buy the salvaged and perfectly edible goods directly at the SirPlus Shop in Berlin - the first food outlet in the capital, which offers exclusively saved food - or via the online shop with delivery across Germany. In Berlin, we can even ship the same day: So you save not only money, but, above all, time.

The search for sustainable products and queuing up in the shop can be avoided with SirPlus. Through cooperation with our Partners, we will offer an extensive assortment of groceries, something for every lifestyle or dietary preference, including vegan options. With SirPlus, we free up your time for the more important things in life, as you get regional and seasonal surplus food delivered directly to your home; similar to the farm delivery boxes and even cheaper than in your supermarket. In addition, we will donate 20 percent of all food we collect to social projects and distribute it accordingly.

Why are we doing this? Because 1.3 billion tons of food are consumed annually around the world, 3.3 billion tons of CO2 are generated for production, harvesting and transport, which is equivalent to the third-largest output of a single country, directly after the USA and China. In Germany alone, some 20 million tons of food are wasted. This is equivalent to 500,000 truckloads, figuratively speaking: a row of trucks from Paris to New Delhi. SirPlus would like to set a good example and give all people the opportunity to counteract the problem of food waste together with us, and at the same time increase the appreciation of all food.

In the second step, we will establish a digital marketplace to systematically and intelligently match the supply and demand of surplus food. The platform is intended to address and involve all participants in the value chain: from farmers and producers, to distributors and logistics companies, to wholesalers and supermarkets. Non-profit organizations such as food banks and other charities will have access to SirPlus’ innovative software free of charge, allowing them to digitize and streamline their existing operations and delivery routes, helping to simplify their processes and accelerate their impact.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The goal of SirPlus is to massively curb the waste of food by revolutionizing the food industry and making food saving more professional and mainstream. Together with our partners, we will tackle the issue of food waste first in Berlin, then across Germany - and in the long term on an international level. The aim is to save resources, prevent overproduction, and reduce CO2 emissions. Through SirPlus, all of the target groups involved have a benefit: the food retailers, which will save enormous disposal costs, the environment, since greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and resources are spared, and above all, consumers, who use SirPlus to lighten the burden on both their wallet and their consciousness. With SirPlus we enable all people to strengthen their appreciation for food and save money, time, and the environment while doing so. Now, with the decision to help SirPlus, every consumer can make a contribution to making the world a bit better. The long-term goal of SirPlus is to revolutionize the way we think about food production and consumption. This means that food waste will be eliminated or dramatically decreased in the future and thus the production of food will be reduced to a healthy and sustainable level.

Why would you support this project?

Food is the foundation of our lives. This issue affects us all - every single day. Together, we can achieve a reduction in the current level of food waste from 50% to 40%, in the best case even 30%. We will start in Berlin with the goal of drastically reducing food waste here as a pilot. Your support would make it possible to make the Berlin pilot project a success and to demonstrate the potential of the SirPlus concept.

We wish everyone to have a renewed appreciation for all food, and thus also respect all of the labor, energy, and water that has flowed into it. We want to save food from waste so that crooked, too big or too small, expired but still edible, as well as outwardly imperfect food is used for its intended purpose - to be enjoyed as delicacies of nature in our stomachs.

If the consumption of food were a country, it would be the third largest CO2 emitter after China and the USA. Thanks to your support, we can massively reduce food waste, starting with our flagship store in Berlin. With your decision to support SirPlus, you make an important contribution in making the world a bit better and a more sustainable place.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Thanks to your contribution, we can set up and operate the first food outlet shop in Berlin (rental, inventory, checkout system, delivery service, etc.). To do this, we need to enlarge our team, rent one or two refrigerated vehicles, and set up a warehouse for saved food. In other words, your help will allow us to put the SirPlus 'system' into action and then scale it.

If we are able to significantly exceed the funding goal, we can start programming the platform or the digital marketplace for surplus food, helping the food banks, foodsharing community, refugee homes, and many other charitable initiatives make their valuable work more comprehensive and efficient .

Who are the people behind the project?

The SirPlus Founding Team consists of three Musketeers and many people who have supported us over the past months. The initiator is Raphael Fellmer, who has crusaded against the waste of food since 2009 and is best known from his 5-year money strike where he refused to use money. Already with his 2012 food saving movement (today known as "foodsharing"), he has been able to inspire more than 26,000 food savers who have helped to bring awareness to this issue and bring back the appreciation for food. Since starting the project, over 8 million kilograms of food, equivalent to about 25 million meals, have been saved from being wasted. Together with his longtime friend, environmental engineer and foodsharing pioneer Martin Schott, who will take care of topics like sustainability and CO2 reduction (among others) and business angel Alexander Piutti (Overture / Yahoo!, Founder of GameGenetics, etc.), driving force of the business model, digital marketplace and the cooperation model aiming for scalability, SirPlus’ three Musketeers have created a professional concept in cooperation with major actors of the food industry which will enable a massive reduction of food waste.

For us founders, food is a matter of heart! We have been working with leading wholesalers and food logistics partners over the past 10 months to develop the best possible concept for reducing food waste.

We are thankful to be supported by an increasing number of individuals, companies, and organizations that are committed to helping us to achieve our ambitious but attainable goal. Our supporters include law firms, tax consultants, sustainability managers of the food industry, experts in food hygiene and quality, logistics companies, and social enterprises and organizations and for sure the Vidream team, which put lots of love into producing the wonderful crowdfunding video!

We are very grateful!
With our Startnext campaign, we want to reach you, the 'Crowd' - so that together we can successfully achieve this great mission!


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