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The T3Marketplace will empower the whole TYPO3 Community with its easy and fast exchange of extensions and services, over a shop-platform. You have to build extension for your clients or you're in need of a responsive theme? Check the T3Marketplace and get what you need. And of course most of you already developed cool extensions and features which for some reasons you won't push into the repository. Now you can put them into the T3Marketplace and enrich the T3-Ecosystem a lot.
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TYPO3 Marketplace Feature: Management of Attributes

Adrian Zimmermann
Adrian Zimmermann2 min Lesezeit

We have planned various types of products in the TYPO3 Marketplace. Therefore it is necessary that we setup similar product types with so called attribute sets with a range of attributes.

An example:
If you want to sell an extension, possible product attributes could be "TYPO3 version compatibility" or "Last updated" these should be bound to an attribute set called "extensions".

Compared to that, thinking about selling a training an attribute like "Startdate" or "Available amount of tickets" might better fit the needs for this product type.

So not every attribute fits to every product type.

What's the goal of this feature?
Since Magento already supports these kind of attributes and attribute sets, we need to create these once and assign them to the different product types. Also we need to make sure, when a vendor selects the one or the other product type, he can enter the right attributes with his product choice. Also the product listings should reflect those attributes and attribute sets.

Also these product attributes shall be used for filtering the products (eg. according to the TYPO3 version or a certain date or price range). Additionally these attributes can be used for discount rules. To give you an example on this, here is a silly rule example "Today is green Wednesday, every product which has a color = green, get's a 5% discount."

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