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Grid Elements 1.4 - Coming this week!

Jo Hasenau
Jo Hasenau2 min Lesezeit

During the last two weeks we have been able to tackle the last bigger problems. Dirk Hoffmann finished the list module, so that you can now edit, move and copy grid children within lists. After a longer analysis problems with the creation of new elements via the new drag in functionality have been solved at last, default values are now recognized.

In the area of workspaces, multi-language and IRRE some other bugs of the TYPO3 core have been found, that make new patches necessary, Oliver Hader still has an eye on that.

But we decided not to wait any longer with the release of Grid Elements 1.4, even if there won't be all core patches available in a new TYPO3 version. Since these problems are related to workspaces only, we don't want to prevent the other users of Grid Elements from the working new features.

And it would mean another delay for the release of Grid Elements 2.0 as well, since we will need some time for the migration from 1.4 to the 2.0 version. So we have the same decision there, to have a release without an updated TYPO3 6.0 in the worst case, since most of the non workspace features will be working with this environment without any problems, and Grid Elements can't be used without version 2.0 being available.

Together with some other volunteers we will be presenting TYPO3 at the CeBIT CMS garden the next days and we will use this time for the finalizing of Grid Elements 2.0 as well.

For the release of Grid Elements 1.4 we will just need some documentation and a feedback for a certain bugfix, then it will make it's way into the TYPO3 extension repository this week.

Hint for admins: We will introduce exactly one breaking change: The class tx_gridlements_pi1 no longer exists and has been replaced with tx_gridelements_view, which is working without pi_base. The names of the methods are still the same. So if you want to upgrade this means you have to modify the TypoScript setups accordingly. Anything else stays backwards compatible.

Have a nice week!

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