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Yalla! Let's get started on the work adventure! Yalla-Arbeit aims to support women with refugee and migrant background in their professional self-fulfillment - and thus addresses a target group that is strongly underrepresented in the integration process. The idea: Supporting women in getting access to education and work by clearing a major hurdle. Instead of hoping for the women to come to us, we go straight to them and advise them in their often isolated living environment.
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About this project

Funding period 4/9/18 10:37 AM - 5/23/18 11:59 PM
Realisation Juli 2018
Start level 5,000 €
Category Social Business
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

The Vision
We want to promote self-determination and personal development of refugee women by enabling them individual access to the labor market. We want to build a bridge to employers through a gender-specific adaptation to the women’s living conditions - and thus contribute to a culture of active participation in the society. With your support, we would like to achieve this goal by founding a gUG (gemeinnützige Unternehmergesellschaft - non-profit entrepreneurial company)

The Problem
The employment of women who have taken refuge is significantly below than that of men, which is partly due to the consequence of multiple discrimination. Many women live in traditional gender roles and often have fewer professional qualifications. In addition, integration projects for women are often bound to a particular location and thus difficult for them to reach.

The Approach: Mobility and Consulting
We want to lay the foundation right where the women are: in their living environment! In this way, we reach not only the women who already have sufficient resources but also those who have not been able to connect to their social environment.
We want to hold individual conversations in the shared accommodations in German, English, Arabic and Farsi to discover the women’s interests, potentials and dreams. Our goal is to capture the heterogeneity of the women and to find a career that is adapted to their individual needs.

The Implementation: Job Application Training and Business Cooperation
Through the joint preparation of application documents including a photo (and video if required), we want to give the women an understanding of the job application process.
At the same time, we cooperate with various employers to find suitable applicants. To also support the employers, we would
like to advice them before, during and after the placement.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Target Group
Regardless of the residence status, we want to reach refugee women with and without explicit professional qualifications. Since we have an inclusive approach, our project also targets the LGBTQ - community.

Concrete subgoals (until the end of the year)

  • Seeking out approx. 30 women by the end of the year
  • Preparation of approx. 30 job applications (including CV, photo and, if required, video application)
  • Implementation of approx. 30 job application trainings
  • The placement of about 10 women in internships, apprenticeships
  • The establishment of a network of cooperation partners
Why would you support this project?

With your support, ideas can become reality, vision solutions and employment agencies a far-reaching and sustainable integration!

  • Breaking entrenchend and outdated role allocations
  • Strengthening the self-esteem of the women and their contact to society
  • Mothers inspire their children, paving the way for sustainable integration
  • Reducing prejudices against refugees
  • Reducing the financial cost for the state
How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

If funding is successful, the money will be used exclusively to support refugees.

The following investments are due:

  • Work equipment (camera, office supplies etc.)
  • Renting a co-working space
  • ca. 10% expenses for rewards
  • Financing 4 part-time employees by August (their tasks include: preparing job applications (including CV, photo and video application if required), placement in apprenticeships and work, handling with immigration authorities and employers, conducting application training and interviews as well as press and public relations)
Who are the people behind the project?

A non- profit organization, which is currently in its founding phase, will be backing the project Yalla-Arbeit. We are a multi-cultural team of 3 people with many years of experience as social workers and language mediators in refugee aid. We know the specific challenges faced by refugees - and have been able to develop a concept that addresses one of their key needs. Some team members have some refugee experience of their own. The team consists of:

Mariam - Humorous and strong-willed new-Berliner from Syria. She quickly learned German after her arrival, worked in a catering company and is now studying Social Education. She is in charge of the out-reach counseling in Arabic.

George - The idea provider, a mover, doer and new-Berliner from Egypt. He has a lot of experience as a social worker and, like Mariam, will seek out, advise and motivate refugees.

Angelina - Empathic and passionate cultural & social scientist and volunteer coordinator in a refugee accommodation. Her job includes networking and maintaining contact with employers.

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