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Our offer to musicians

The music industry is looking for new solutions after the Corona years. More and more people like you want to live their dream as a musician and are gaining access to much better tools, software and services that allow them to produce music on their own at low cost. It's easier than ever to get started.

With record sales, streaming services and concerts, you can barely make the money you need as a newcomer. There are exciting public funding programs that we will point out in the Newcomers Newsletter. And there is fanfunding!

Since 2010 Startnext is offering crowdfunding services. Thousands of newcomers have funded themselves or their projects on Startnext so far. Follow them and start your first fanfunding. As a newcomer you are already a VIP with us and can use exclusive services to make your project successful from the beginning.

Fanfunding for independent musicians

11 lessons for your successful financing

Create your music project on Startnext now and gain access to our lessons for successful crowdfunding. This service is free of charge for you.

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What can be financed?

There are no limits to your imagination. A look at the thousands of projects of the last years shows that musicians could successfully finance the following projects:

  • studio recordings
  • professional mixing
  • collaborations with bands/orchestras
  • small tour
  • ticket sales for own events
  • LP production (reissues, rare editions)
  • marketing of releases
  • charity actions
  • festivals
  • event locations

What will you offer?

As a newcomer, you can already offer a lot of things that will bring you closer to your dream and turn your supporters into real fans. The rewards on Startnext are a great framework to escalate creatively. The more individual the rewards are, the more identification of the fans with you is possible. Turn them into superfans.

  • concert tickets / VIP tickets / backstage passes
  • sound carriers (CD/vinyl)
  • digital downloads (video/tracks)
  • living room concerts
  • artwork
  • exclusively produced lyrics, song elements
  • vocal or instrumental coachings
  • classic merch (t-shirts, caps, cups etc.)

How much money is possible?

Musicians raise between 1.000 and 150.000€ per campaign on Startnext. How successful your campaign will be depends on a few factors. Most musicians manage to raise between 4.000-8.000€ for their studio productions.

  • How well known are you already?
  • How well are your social media profiles maintained?
  • How many followers do you have? 
  • Are you more mainstream or niche?
  • Do you already have public appearances?
  • Do you have a recognizable style or image?
  • Can you handle the art of asking fans and strangers for money for your project?

Ten samples that show how it works:

  1. Thomas Godoj (Rock) -  710.635 €
  2. Sören Vogelsang (Liedermacher) - 134.332 €
  3. Lisa Spielmann (Pop) - 13.750 €
  4. Sebastian Barwinek (Folk Sänger) - 9.636 €
  5. Lissy Fey (Deutsch Pop) - 8.930 €
  6. Yunus (Deutsch Pop) - 8.430 €
  7. Alin Coen & Stüba Philharmonie - 19.930 €
  8. Das Elfte Gebot (Folkmetal) - 120.434 €
  9. Joint Venture (Liedermacher) - 72.874 €
  10. Diana Ezerex (Pop) - 23.731 €

Why Startnext?

Thousands of musicians have successfully crowdfunded on Startnext before you. What is holding you back?

  • fanfunding since 2010 in the german speaking countries
  • continuous building of your own crowd
  • internal blog, mailing tool
  • internal wall
  • messaging tool between starters and crowd
  • over five different crowdfunding options
  • own artist profile with all campaigns
  • simultaneous campaigns possible
  • launch day show with up to 1.000 € cofunding
  • Startnext funding through voluntary contributions by Starters and crowd
  • Startnext is a B Corp.