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Projekte / Photography
Photobook: Among women - Beauty ideal in Iran
The photo book ‘Among Women’ documents the ideals of female beauty in Iran today. In this case, the book should open up a new way of looking at Iran, which is little known to the outside world, and show how versatile Iran and its people are. The self-conscious Iranian women are followed in their day-to-day lives as they visit the beautician or go shopping. Even going for plastic surgery was recorded in a documentary photographic style.
2,500 €
2,500 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Photobook: Among women - Beauty ideal in Iran


Funding period 08/07/2015 12:28 o'clock - 15/09/2015 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period October 2015 - November 2015
Funding goal 2,500 €
City Bochum
Category Photography

What is this project all about?

‘Cosmetic surgery in Iran? I thought it was forbidden.’

Living in Germany for the past seven years, I was surprised by what I learnt from the scores of conversations I held when reporting on Iran. Therefore, this time, I have decided to talk about the Iranian cult of beauty. With the motivation to present the unknown facets of my country, I planed to photographically capture the ideals of beauty in Iran as part of my bachelor's thesis in 2013.

This photo book documents the beauty ideals of today’s Iranian society, which are hardly known outside of Iran. It focuses on the young, confident Iranian women, who define their ideal of beauty with the interplay between modernity and tradition. More often, the simple beauticians are not enough for the young Iranians, and therefore the plastic surgeons need to lend a hand sometimes.

An idea of Iranian women is established in the world that is in contrast with reality, and therefore it is often a cause of surprise when it comes to the Iranian cult of beauty.


What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Why am I doing this?

Iran is different.
Iran is not only different from Germany, but also from the image presented by mainstream media.
With this book—and with my future photo projects— I will do my part to create a more nuanced picture of Iran.
This is because Iran is more than just the nuclear negotiations, pictures, and news on TV and far more than I can capture with my camera.

Nevertheless, these photos can change opinions and broaden perspectives.

My target group:

  • People who want to learn more than just one side of a culture.
  • People who want to help in spreading more knowledge about Iran.


Why would you support this project?

You could be a supporter, if you:

  • Want to know more about Iran, which goes beyond the mainstream.
  • Will help to ensure that Iran is not considered unilateral
  • Think photo book projects are cool ;-)

Moreover, if you do not feel being addressed now, but still want to support my photo book project ‘Among Women'

I appreciate any type of support .

If you support this project now, you will get the book at a special price or get exclusive postcards, signed books and 30x40cm fine art prints that will not be available in bookshops.


How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The project is subsidized by Kerber Verlag, so that it is less expensive overall. Nevertheless, costs to the amount of €10,500 are incurred for printing, marketing, and distribution.
The crowd-funded money and equity capital is used for the following:

  • Printing hardcover books (including proofs)
  • English translation
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Transaction fees

What if the project reaches more then the funding goal?

To begin with, I would be of course really happy, because then I would not have to spend so much equity capital any more. Besides, I can then offer more books as rewards here at Startnext. Therefore, it is up to you to support and fund this project as much as possible. Maybe, we can reach a total of €10,500, which would be awesome.

What if the project is not funded successfully?

Then you will of course get back the money and I will probably have to take out a loan. :-)

If you support this project now, you will get the book at a special price or get exclusive postcards, signed books and 30x40cm fine art prints that will not be available in bookshops.


Who are the people behind the project?

My name is Samaneh Khosravi and I was born and brought up in Iran. I have already completed three extensive photo book projects, all of which evolved during my studies of photography at the Azad University of Tehran and at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund.

These include the works:

  • The Chronology of Travel
  • Veiling
  • Didar


  • Azad University Tehran - Photo Gallery 2008
  • Free Photographs - Arts Centre Ruhr University Bochum 2010
  • Showroom - Fachhochschule Dortmund in 2014

Prices & Nominations

  • Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2013 - Veiling
  • DAAD Prize 2014 - Among Women / Unter Frauen

With my fourth project ‘Among Women / Unter Frauen’, Kerber Verlag also became aware of my photographs and agreed to support my work. Kerber Verlag will take over the production of the book and the international sales. Moreover, the photo book will be presented at international book fairs (Leipzig, Frankfurt, Beijing, London, etc.).

With my husband, Jaser Bratzadeh, I have the support of a skilled computer scientist, who will take care of the creation and maintenance of my websites and online pages, all technical and strategic issues as well as take care of online marketing.


Thank you for reading this far.
I would be pleased if I can welcome you on board as a supporter.

Many Thanks.

If you support this project now, you will get the book at a special price or get exclusive postcards, signed books and 30x40cm fine art prints that will not be available in bookshops.


By the way, I apologize for any incorrect wording or spelling errors. We've tried our best.
Also, thanks a lot to "Google translate" :)

Legal notice
Samaneh Khosravi
44801 Bochum Deutschland

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