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Projekte / Music
Les Brünettes Go Abbey Road!
It's our big dream to record our new album with Beatles songs in the magic place, where many of the Beatles' albums have been recorded: the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. Since our generation only knows the Beatles secondhand, we're looking for the authentic spirit: we want to discover it, feel it, breathe it. And to pour it right into the album!
21,567 €
15,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Les Brünettes Go Abbey Road!


Funding period 11/11/2016 15:31 o'clock - 10/12/2016 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period Dezember2016/Januar2017
Funding goal 15,000 €
City Berlin
Category Music

What is this project all about?

We're four passionate singers who met studying jazz vocals at the music academy in Mannheim. In 2011 we launched our female a capella band in a scene widely dominated by men.

After our tribute to our musical heroines A Women Thing we've decided to take on men! Surely the Beatles were a boys' thing, especially in their early years - but hell yeah, this is precisely what intrigues us. How do those songs sound sung by strong female voices?
How can you translate the ever more complex arrangements of the Beatles into a capella?
How do we as young women of today look at Beatlemania, at the lyrics, at the life, the stories around the most famous pop band of all times?
Our recording session at the Abbey Road Studios is an important part of our mission to merge the authentic spirit with a contemporary artistic vision.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to give our very best, to make the best album possible at Abbey Road Studios With the newly arranged songs by the Beatles and our own compositions, inspired by the life and work of the Fab Four.

We want to get as close as possible to the authentic, creative, openminded, sometimes ludicrous, sometimes romantic, sometimes rebellious spirit of the Beatles.

We want to add a contemporary angle to their work first through our a capella sound and second through our female perspective.

Our target group are all those for whom music means something. Many of them associate something very personal with the Beatles: memories, feelings, maybe even the soundtrack of their youth. We also address those who like strong female voices. And those who want to support women in the music business to make their vision come true.

Why would you support this project?

A capella has been and will always be a niche in the pop business. On top of that a purely female a capella band is still a rarity.

To support this project means to help:

  • rediscover the work of the most famous pop band of all time in a contemporary way, to have it examined from a female perspective.
  • remove the dust from it, to have it sound new, to question it, to spin it out, to foil it...
  • enable a modern, contemporary, playful humorous and creative dialogue with one of the most important bands of all time
  • support 100 % mouth made music without gadgets
  • support a young female band

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

All the money we will hopefully raise here will be directly used for the production of our album!
To break it down for you a little here are some oft the big cost pools:

− Studio Rental
By far the biggest lump. The famous Abbey Road Studios have their price. The original studio where the Beatles recorded alone costs more than € 3.000 – per day! Not only do we pay for the big name, but there is state of the art Equipment at play (microphones, mixing desks , effects, computers, software etc.). Plus the technician from Abbey Road Studios in charge of all the technical stuff. More costs like the filming fee come on top (€ 1.000 per day). Otherwise we would't be able to document anything and we wouldn't be allowed to use any photos taken there.

− Sound Engineer
A key figure for us is our sound engineer Thomas Mark, who we'd like to bring along. He's known our voices and knows exactly what it takes to mix them to create a warm, harmonious sound. He, too, has to get paid, of course.

− Mixing / Mastering
However recording is not all there is to a CD production. Now it's time for mastering.
That way the you tease the best out of the recordings. The Mixing and Mastering usually takes more time than the actual recording and is a very sophisticated job for our audio engineer.

- CD Pressing and Distribution
At the end of this process there is the CD with an attractive booklet, which is supposed to meet the standard given by the Beatles. Professional design, pressing and distribution is costly.

- GEMA Licences
Anyone to publish a CD has to give a percentage to the GEMA, a state-authorized collecting society and performance rights organization.

- Travel expenses
Last but not least: London is notoriously expensive. Travel expenses for six people (the four of us, plus audio engineer and camera man) will be at least € 2.000, even on a low-low budget level.

The CD will be published in April 2017!

Who are the people behind the project?

Behind this project is the full female power of Les Brünettes:


Les Brünettes consists of four singers:

Julia Pellegrini www.juliapellegrini.de
Juliette Brousset www.juliettebrousset.com
Stephanie Neigel www.stephanieneigel.de
Lisa Herbolzheimer

We publish our CDs on a small jazz label: Herzogrecords

Always at our side are:

Thomas Mark (Sound Engineer)
Stephan Hoffstadt (Dramaturg and administrator of this campaign)

Above all stands our promise that goes for all our endeavours:

"If we do something, we do it with all our heart and soul"

Project updates


Merci chers amis et fans,

Une semaine avant l’échéance de notre crowdfunding et nous avons déjà dépassé les 15000 qui nous permettront d’aller enregistrer notre album aux studios d’Abbey Road! Nous sommes subjuguées :D !
Merci 1000 fois à vous tous pour votre soutien, sans vous tout cela ne serait pas possible; vous faites à présent partie de notre projet et nous voulons vous le rendre au maximum.
C’est pourquoi nous ne nous arrêtons pas ici. Nous avons encore jusqu’au 8 décembre pour continue


Geschafft! DAnk unserer tollen Unterstützer dürfen wir nun die ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS buchen! Gerne könnt ihr weiterhin Teil des Projektes werden und uns unterstützen - alle Mehreinnahmen investieren wir in einen Tagestrip nach Liverpool, wo wir auf den Spuren der Beatles Videos an Originalschauplätzen drehen werden - die seht ihr dann auf unseren Konzerten, wo sie den authentischen Spirit unterstreichen, den wir versuchen rüber zu bringen. Danke fürs Teilen und Unterstützen, Eure Brünettes


Four strong female voices sing the Beatles! We count on your support to capture the authentic spirit for our next album at the legendary ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS!

Legal notice
Herbolzheimer, Pellegrini, Neigel, Brousset GbR
Juliette Brousset
Uhlandstraße 7
68167 Mannheim Deutschland

USt-IdNr. gemäß § 27 a: DE286175275

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