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This is not another refugee and migration story. With over 35,000 deaths, we are in urgent need of showing the bigger picture of the EU border system.

With the vast number of over 35,000 dead human beings growing, we are in urgent need of creating a film that shows the bigger picture of the EU border story. Our aim is to create a 120-minute film that will show that the approach on border management through increasing border security is failing. We will give a voice to the people who have thought about alternative, humane solutions that would prevent new emergencies and deaths from happening over and over again.
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2/23/18 - 5/24/18
Spring 2019
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Minimum amount (Start level): 12,500 €

Talk to experts within Europe; Archive material licences; Post-production

Freiburg im Breisgau
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Corinna Rauer
Corinna Rauer1 min Lesezeit

Dank euch haben wir es geschafft und unser Crowdfundingziel erreicht und es sogar weit überschritten! Wir freuen uns sehr, dass das Filmprojekt weitergehen kann und wir werden in den kommenden Monaten unser Bestes geben, die komplexe Situation an den EU-Außengrenzen, deren Hintergründe und mögliche Alternativen zur Abschottungspolitik in einen stimmigen Film zu packen.

Wir sind hochmotiviert und werden euch auf facebook immer wieder von den Recherche- und Dreharbeiten berichten.
(Hier könnt ihr uns folgen:

D A N K E ! ! !

Thanks to you, we made it and reached our crowdfunding goal and even exceeded it! We are absolutely happy that the film project can continue and in the coming months we will do our best to put the complex situation at the EU's external borders, its background and possible alternatives to the increasing securitization policy into a coherent film.

We are highly motivated and will keep you updated on our research and the production on facebook.
(You can follow us here:


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