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Blocky Mountains
To get on the summit of the „Blocky Mountains“ you'll have to take an adventurous trail – of blocks! Alongside a trapper and his animal companion, the grizzly bear, you will climb, slide, balance, rope down and swing to reach the summit. Who gets there first can not only enjoy an amazing view but also wins. A game by Gerhard Junker, with illustrations by Klemens Franz. The main infos to the game at a glance:
11,441 €

Cover-Entwürfe / drafts

Gerhard Junker
Gerhard Junker1 min Lesezeit

Willkommen zurück im Projektblog – mit einer kleinen Vorschau auf das Cover von „Blocky Mountains“. Mehr aus Klemens' Atelier gibt's hier in Kürze zu sehen!

Welcome back to the project blog – with a little preview of the cover. More from Klemens' artwork will follow shortly!

Blocky Mountains