Crowdfunding finished
dna merch - made with dignity, worn with attitude
Become part of a transnational project and support workers in Croatia and South Asia with limited band t-shirts! You decide in what numbers your new favourite t-shirt enters the world because only exactly as many band t-shirts will be produced as were ordered by you, the crowd during the campaign!
23,110 €

++ T-Shirts sind unterwegs ++ t-shirts are on the move +++

Anton Wundrak Mantovanini
Anton Wundrak Mantovanini1 min Lesezeit

Liebe Unterstützer/-innen, das Warten hat bald ein Ende - die Päckchen mit den T-Shirts der Crowdfunding-Kampagne sind heute rausgegangen :-) Also schaut die nächsten Tage in eure Briefkästen!! Wir sind gespannt auf euer feedback!
The waiting has finally come to an end - the shirts of the crowdfunding campaign were distributed today :-) We hope everything arrives safely and look forward to hearing your comments!

dna merch - made with dignity, worn with attitude