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dna merch - made with dignity, worn with attitude
Become part of a transnational project and support workers in Croatia and South Asia with limited band t-shirts! You decide in what numbers your new favourite t-shirt enters the world because only exactly as many band t-shirts will be produced as were ordered by you, the crowd during the campaign!
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***Wer knackt die 50?***50 orders! Who goes first?***

Anton Wundrak Mantovanini
Anton Wundrak Mantovanini1 min Lesezeit

COR und Turbostaat haben sich abgesetzt und führen die Rangliste an! Die Frage des Tages: Wer kann zuerst 50 Bestellungen verbuchen? Bestellst du als nächste/r?
COR and Turbostaat are leading the table! Question of the day: Who reaches 50 orders first? Are you the next to order?

Anton & Doreen

dna merch - made with dignity, worn with attitude