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German Angst Three maverick German directors bring you three urban nightmares in a fascinating horror anthology – and present a fresh new vision of the genre. A collaboration between JÖRG BUTTGEREIT ( Nekromantik, Der Todesking ), ANDREAS MARSCHALL ( Tears of Kali, Masks ) and MICHAL KOSAKOWSKI ( Zero Killed ) that leads you into the dark alleyways of Berlin in stories of love, sex and death.
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Alraune-Teaser WARNING: You must be 18 or over to view this video!

Andreas Marschall
Andreas Marschall1 min Lesezeit

Here it is: The teaser for Andreas Marcshall´s episode ALRAUNE. Starring Kristina Kostiv Director of photography: Sven Jakob Engelmann Music by SCHLAFES BRUDER.

Hier ist er: der erste "echte" teaser für German Angst: eine Impression zu Andreas Marschall´s Episode ALRAUNE.

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Michal Kosakowski
Michal Kosakowski1 min Lesezeit
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