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German Angst Three maverick German directors bring you three urban nightmares in a fascinating horror anthology – and present a fresh new vision of the genre. A collaboration between JÖRG BUTTGEREIT ( Nekromantik, Der Todesking ), ANDREAS MARSCHALL ( Tears of Kali, Masks ) and MICHAL KOSAKOWSKI ( Zero Killed ) that leads you into the dark alleyways of Berlin in stories of love, sex and death.
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Michael Cholewa - Casting Director of GERMAN ANGST

Michal Kosakowski
Michal Kosakowski1 min Lesezeit

We are happy to announce that the Casting Director of GERMAN ANGST will be Michael Cholewa. He did an incredible job casting for Andreas Marschall's TEARS OF KALI. Michael is also a co-writer of the book DER TERROR FÜHRT REGIE about Italian Gangster- and Police films 1968-1982. Recently, Michael has been back in the public eye with his insightful article "Filmförderung vs Publikum," about the misery of movie state funding in Germany, published in Deadline Magazine. Good to have you with us, Michael!

German Angst

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