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German Angst Three maverick German directors bring you three urban nightmares in a fascinating horror anthology – and present a fresh new vision of the genre. A collaboration between JÖRG BUTTGEREIT ( Nekromantik, Der Todesking ), ANDREAS MARSCHALL ( Tears of Kali, Masks ) and MICHAL KOSAKOWSKI ( Zero Killed ) that leads you into the dark alleyways of Berlin in stories of love, sex and death.
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ARNO FRISCH - Star aus Michael Haneke's FUNNY GAMES für GERMAN ANGST bestätigt!

Michal Kosakowski
Michal Kosakowski1 min Lesezeit

Great News! ARNO FRISCH, the star of Michael Haneke's FUNNY GAMES and BENNY'S VIDEO will play the main role in Michal Kosakowski's episode MAKE A WISH. We are delighted! PLEASE SUPPORT US to make this exciting project possible. Only if we reach our funding goal of 30.000 Euro we will be able to produce the film!

Neuigkeiten! ARNO FRISCH, der Star aus Michael Haneke's FUNNY GAMES und BENNY'S VIDEO übernimmt die Hauptrolle in Michal Kosakowski's episode MAKE A WISH. BITTE HELFE UNS dieses spannende Projekt möglich zu machen. Nur wenn wir das Funding-Ziel von Euro 30000 erreichen, werden wir den Film produzieren können!

Michal Kosakowski, Jörg Buttgereit & Andreas Marschall

German Angst