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Black Magic in the Shadow of Skyscrapers. From the creators of SPESSART TALES.

Ida is a witch from the Spessart forest who lives in Frankfurt and earns a living by selling cursed love locks that end relationships. She wouldn't dare to believe that there could be any consequence to her actions. Unintentionally, though, her black magic has unleashed something. Something that arrives downstream in Frankfurt just in time - while Ida is performing an ancient ritual in the middle of the frozen river.
Funding period
4/22/18 - 8/5/18
Summer 2018 till early 2019
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Minimum amount (Start level)
7,750 €
Frankfurt am Main
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Dominik Lando
Dominik Lando1 min Lesezeit

Wir melden uns live aus der Notaufnahme: Im letzten Moment haben wirs geschafft, aber unser Herz.... unser Herz!!!! ;) :D
Vielen Dank an alle Unterstützer! Ihr seid Klasse!!! Wir melden uns in Kürze mit mehr Infos.

DOWNSTREAM | Fantasy-Film