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Projekte / Music
Inspired by „Warped Passages“, Hèctor Parra composed a chamber opera together with Harvard physicist Lisa Randall : the work deals with hidden universes, the existential urge to research as well as our boundaries of understanding and interdependencies in the so-called real world. Now Zafraan Ensemble presents the staged world premiere of HYPERMUSIC PROLOGUE, directed by Benjamin Schad . In addition, this exceptional production shall be documented on film.
5,230 €
5,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
10/21/13, 9:12 PM Zafraan Ensemble

Vielen Dank an das großartige, sehr aufgeschlossene und neugierige Publikum in Basel und das ganze Team des Gare du Nord!

Many thanks to the really great audience in Basel and the entire team of Gare du Nord!