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Inspired by „Warped Passages“, Hèctor Parra composed a chamber opera together with Harvard physicist Lisa Randall : the work deals with hidden universes, the existential urge to research as well as our boundaries of understanding and interdependencies in the so-called real world. Now Zafraan Ensemble presents the staged world premiere of HYPERMUSIC PROLOGUE, directed by Benjamin Schad . In addition, this exceptional production shall be documented on film.
5,230 €

Noch 6 Stunden und nur 250 € fehlen! / 6 hours to go and only € 250 missing!

Zafraan Ensemble
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Nur noch 6 Stunden bis zur Deadline, aber auch nur noch 250 € bis zur Schwelle, die erreicht werden muss. Wer hat noch nicht, wer will nochmal? Und wer stößt den Bock am Ende um? / Only 6 hours until the deadline, but at the same time only € 250 are missing to overcome the obligatory hurdle. So who is going to make it rain after all? In for a cent, in for a euro! ;-)

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