Crowdfunding finished
Shawn & the Wolf - Debut CD Recording
A CD-recording that combines the energy and inspiration of a live concert with the best possible acoustical surroundings. That's what we're planning. Starting April 12th, on four consecutive evenings, we will record in the cozy surroundings of Kachtenhausen's Weinhof, a beautifully renovated old factory in the German countryside close to Detmold. A choice glass of wine, beautiful surroundings and a room full of music-lovers. That's our recipe for a great recording and we'd love your support!
6,000 €

Here's an update to where we are at with our Debut CD project!

Shawn Grocott
Shawn Grocott1 min Lesezeit

We have now done all that we can do in the process of releasing the CD that you have helped us finance. The road has been long, but rewarding, as we feel that all the work we’ve put into this recording will be audible in the final product! And not only that, but that the finished package will reflect the love and dedication we have for what we do. We are now very close.

Here’s a run-down of what has happened in the last 8 weeks:
- cover artwork - finished
- booklet design - finished
- contract with GEMA signed and original pieces registered
- contract with Bauer-Studios, Ludwigsburg - signed (the recording will be released world-wide)

The finished product is now in the hands of our label. The release date will be decided by them. We are hoping to receive CDs and LPs before the release date, that we can then send off to you, our Startnext much valued supporters.

Hang in there!

Shawn & the Wolf - Debut CD Recording