Select rewards

In exchange for their contributions, the supporters of your project can choose from a selection of rewards that you have determined in advance. Whether you reach your funding goal is largely dependent on the attractiveness of the rewards you are offering. Rewards are only sent out once your project has been successfully financed and you have completed your project.

  • The finished products: DVDs, books, CDs, designer items, games, furniture
  • Individual experiences: Invitations to the premiere, meetings with the creators, studio visits
  • Supporter involvement: Name in the credits, bit parts
  • Limited products: Special editions, autographs
  • Sponsorships opportunities for businesses: Logo placement, company name on a list of sponsors

Prohibited rewards

  • Sweepstakes
  • Rewards involving an event that takes place during the funding phase
  • Investments

Our tips

  • Keep the number of rewards manageable: between 5 and 10 different options
  • Pay attention to the contribution amounts: The most common contributions from supporters are between 10 and 100 EUR, so it’s especially important to make the rewards in this range as attractive as possible
  • Limit the available number of each reward: Increase the incentives for your supporters to secure the best offerings
  • Add pictures: Illustrate your rewards using images
  • Avoid overlapping rewards packages: offer individual rewards, as supporters are free to select multiple rewards
  • Display your rewards with the gross prices

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