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Giving and becoming with rewards

This is about a consideration you give back to the crowd, which is called a reward.Your project can be supported in the funding phase through free support or by choosing a reward.

Rewards can have a large variety:

  • Products, e.g.
    • Your new album
    • The plastic-free sunscreen
    • The first edition of your book
  • Products that reflect your project in return, e.g.
    • Tickets
    • Tree seedlings or posters
    • Collectibles
  • Meet and Greets e.g.
    • Seminar or workshop
    • Personal VIP meetings
    • Online or living room concerts
  • Actions e.g.
    • Sponsorships
    • Mention in credits, book or websites
  • Virtual gestures e.g.
    • Good karma
    • Virtual applause

Create rewards

In the project interface you can create rewards for your project. Rewards can be decorated with images, text and various functions.

The functions are:

  • Category
  • Limit
  • Shipping address query
  • Properties like size or color
  • Individual queries to thank you, such as a dedication

Manage rewards

In the project interface, you can edit rewards and create new ones during the draft, launch and funding phase.

In the start phase, the tab "Supporters" is added. There you can see:

  • The number of supports
  • The names of the supporters and the amount of support, as well as the status of the transaction.
  • Click on the name to open the details
    • you can see which reward was booked or if it was a free support

Send rewards

As soon as the funding phase is finished and you have reached the start level, you will be able to download the list of supporters in the "Support" tab.

The list of supporters is not final until your funding amount has been paid out, because in the meantime revocations and collection errors can occur. So download the list at least once after the payout:

In the list you will find all the information for shipping:

  • Name
  • Address, if it was requested
  • rewards and the booked amount
  • other rewards, in case of multiple orders for one support


Tips und Tricks

  • Prices include shipping and taxes.
  • Offer Early Bird rewards.
  • Limits attract supporter.
  • Also limit if you can produce a certain amount.
  • Clarify production terms before starting the funding phase.
  • Less is more.
    • Offer as few rewards as possible.
    • Choices cost energy and tend to discourage support.
    • Go easy on the environment. Be frugal with merchandising items. They also create a lot of expense with comparatively little revenue for your project.
  • Use the rewards for your communication campaign.
  • Use CO2 neutral shipping options and mention this in the reward.
  • Use environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging and mention this in the reward.
  • Offer rewards individually, supporters can collect their own packages.

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