Plan your communication

For a successful crowdfunding the most important thing is that you inspire as many supporters as possible with your idea and build up a community. It's best to do this already before your crowdfunding starts.


    • Be well prepared: Research your target group, which communication channels they use and which topics are relevant for them. In your communication plan, define when you will publish which content on which channels, what needs to be prepared and who is responsible for the tasks in the team.
    • Research and contact multipliers and other partners in your field who can be integrated into your communication.
    • Build your crowd as early as possible. Your team, your friends, your family and your fans are usually your first supporters and important multipliers. Prepare them for the start of your crowdfunding and keep them up to date with your project. Also remember to answer all messages from your fans as soon as possible.
    • Convince as many supporters as possible in the first week of the funding phase. The more money your campaign achieved already, the more motivation rises in new fans to support you. If you reach 30% of your funding goal in the first week of your campaign, it is very likely that it will be successfully funded.
    • Talk about different topics so that your communication stays exciting and is not perceived as spam. For example the project idea, the team, the thank you notes, milestones reached and a look behind the scenes. Use pictures and videos and think about information that has added value for your supporters.
    • Allow your community to feel included. Share your experiences from the project idea to the realization and keep them informed about news on a regular basis. Show them appreciation for their interest and support. Your once built crowd is the basis for everything that may come in the future.


    1. Don't start alone if you are planning a big project or don't have that much experience. Find support for your team so that you can shine together.
    2. Don't set unrealistic goals and don't rely on the Startnext community. Crowdfunding support always starts in your own network. Only once you reach 50-80% of your funding goal, others start being aware of your project. The bigger your reputation and your network are, the more money you can raise.
    3. Never forget the link to your project page, so that everyone knows immediately where they can support you.

    Startnext Tip: Check your project page statistics to evaluate and optimize your communication plan during your campaign. You'll find the statistics at the bottom left of your project page.

      Your most important communication channels

      • Personal recommendation: Personal messages, multipliers and supporters who talk about your project have the greatest effect.
      • Mailing lists: Collect the email addresses of interested people and fans with their consent.
      • Your social media channels: Focus on 1-2 channels and build up a good reach, e.g. with Facebook, Instagram, youtube, Twitter or linkedin.
      • Your blog or website (if available): Your existing fans will search and find you here.
      • Events: Present yourself and your product peresonally - you can visit events that fit to your project or organize them yourself.
      • Press contacts: Inform existing contacts (if you have them) and research suitable media for your topic.

      Communication on Startnext

      • Blog: With the blog on your project page, you can inform your community about milestones reached, delivery of the rewards, and changes in your project plan. If your blog doesn't contain advertising, you can also email it to your supporters. You can find the blog at the bottom left of your project page.
      • Wall: Registered users can write questions, praise, feedback or other comments on your wall. Remember to check it regularly and reply to messages.
      • Messaging system: You can send private messages to your supporters via our messaging system: To all supporters, individual supporters or those who have booked a certain reward. You can send the messages via your project interface ("Supporters" > "Supporter list" and at "Rewards").

      Startnext Tip: Embed your project widget on your own website. The project widget is a preview of your project with the most relevant information and the current funding amount. You can find more information about the project widget at the bottom of your project page with this symbol: "</>"

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