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Announce your project

Crowdfunding isn’t just about funding a project - it’s also about getting supporters excited about your idea and building a network.

Talk to your network

Finding support for your crowdfunding project always starts within your own existing network: your friends, family, and fans, as well as your project teammates and their networks. Take the time to write personal messages to your contacts: The more authentically your project is presented, the more a crowd will be committed to your idea. The first days of your campaign are especially important in getting the project up and running.

Where and how to reach your crowd

Think about exactly who makes up your target audience, and how and with what content you can reach them. Spread your project through social networking, newsletters, links on your homepage or personal blog; reach out to your press contacts and even organize events where you can share your idea in person. Don’t forget to make sure there’s a link to your project page in all project-related communication.

Tell your story

When crowdfunding, it’s important to have a compelling story detailing your project, goals, and overall vision. It is equally important, however, to win over potential supporters by showing them that your crowdfunding campaign isn’t just about fulfilling a personal desire, but rather about realizing an idea that can enrich and improve their lives, too.

Project news

Give your fans and supporters a peek behind the scenes by sharing your project’s progress from start to finish. It pays off to actively maintain your network before, during, and after your campaign: The supporters you bring together for your first project could stick with you for further projects down the line.

Startnext's communication channels

  • Blog: Keep your fans and supporters in the loop with the blog on your project page. If the news is especially important, you can also send the blog post via email. If you have exclusive info just for your supporters, you can set individual blog posts so that they are only visible to this group.
  • Wall: Everyone is free to add questions, praise, feedback, and other comments to the wall. Be sure to check the wall regularly to respond to questions and engage with the posters.
  • Messaging system: Address your supporters and fans with direct messages. You also have the possibility of contacting only a specific group - for example, all fans, all supporters, or only the supporters who have requested a specific reward.
  • Updates: If some aspect of your project description should change, you may communicate this with a project update. Updates appear directly on the project page under the project description.

About Startnext

Startnext is the largest crowdfunding platform for creative and sustainable ideas, projects and startups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Artists, creative people, inventors and social entrepreneurs present their ideas and fund them with the support of many people.

Startnext statistics

45,600,142 € funded by the crowd
5,152 successful projects
835.000 users


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