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Basic knowledge for the projects

The project

The Startnext project, also called crowdfunding project, is the breakfast table on which you present your idea.
After you have created a project draft via "Start project", you get access in your profile under "own projects" or by calling the project link.
The Startnext project consists of 2 parts, the project detail page and the project interface.

The project detail page

  • The detail page is the visual representation of your project and its contents.
  • As a draft (phase 1), it is not public, i.e. only visible to you.
  • The project page changes smartly depending on the phase.

The project interface

  • The interface is located on the left side and opens by clicking on the house or the numbers representing the project phases.
  • This is what you can do in the project interface:
    • Maintain and edit texts, images and video of the project
    • Create and edit rewards
    • Select funding level
    • Set the duration of the funding phase
    • Change the phase
    • View and set the fees
    • Maintain your personal and company data
    • Invite team members
    • Carry out the verification
    • Enter network partners
    • View partner campaigns and apply
    • Confirm and review contracts
    • Write blog posts or project updates
    • Write to supporters
    • Manage supporters
  • The numbers on the left show you which phase the project is in
  • The interface changes depending on the phase

The project phases

There are 4 phases in total.

Phase 1 - The draft

  • The project is not open to the public.
  • Fill the project piece by piece with tasteful pictures, charming texts, an authentic video and attractive rewards.
  • Take your time and go through all menu items.
  • Agree to the terms of use and confirm the guidelines in the "Contract Documents" tab.
  • Once you are ready and feel ready for feedback, you can independently move to phase 2 - the starting phase.

Phase 2 - The starting phase

  • The project can now be accessed publicly via the link.
  • Support is not yet available, this is the time for feedback.
  • Get feedback and put the finishing touches on your project.
  • Plan your communication campaign for the funding phase.
  • Enter your master data and verify yourself.
  • When you are ready, apply for the funding phase. Allow 3 business days for approval.
  • As soon as the project has been approved, you can switch to the funding phase independently at any time.

Phase 3 - The funding phase

  • Now your project can be supported and the rewards can be ordered.
  • Communicate, inspire and communicate.
  • Once you reach the start level, your project is considered successful.
  • You can continue to edit the rewards and add new ones.
  • The funding period ends on the date you set in the "Duration" tab.

Phase 4 - The realization phase

  • Rien ne va plus - Your project can no longer be supported.
  • Celebrate yourself and your crowd.
  • If your project is successfully completed, then after the crowdfunding is before crowdfunding.
    • The final check of the verification and payment of your support amount starts now.
    • After 21 days at the latest, the funding amount, minus fees, revocations or withdrawal errors, will be paid out to your account.
    • In the interface you will find the list of supporters, which is final after the payout and contains all the relevant information for the shipment.

Encourage cooperation

and get a bonus

The Vielfaltoskop is a study that arose from the basic assumption that cooperation promotes diversity. On Startnext there are values that stand for cooperation, which are now transparently evaluated and rewarded if at least 7 values are met.


Tips and tricks

  • Start your project as a team. Statistically, teams have a better chance of success. 
  • The shorter the duration for the funding phase, the shorter the valley of tears. The valley of tears is the phase between the start and the end of your funding phase, in which the least support is received. A duration of around 30 days has proven to be effective.
  • Choose a catchy and concise title and subtitle. They bring your project to the point, stay in the head and are easy to retell.
  • Choose a short project link.
  • Be as brief as possible and answer the project questions in short sentences.
  • Save the changes in the interface regularly.
  • You can create a project in English and German. Change the language in the main menu and maintain it in the interface.

Be part

10 Crowdfunding Learning Sessions

The community team has designed 10 online Academy sessions that take place daily and live via Zoom. There you will learn, free of charge, how to successfully launch a Startnext project and how to get through the funding phase. On top of that, you can network with other starters.


Turn the page

The design of communi-cation

Communication in Crowdfunding has 2 faces. One is the strategic plan and the other one is having fun.

For the plan, read the next chapter and then have fun implementing the plan.

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