Create your project page

You describe your idea on your project page with a pitch video, pictures and texts. You define rewards for your supporters in return for their contribution. Your project is successful if you reach your funding goal within the duration of your funding phase.

You can edit your project using the interface on the left side of your project page and complete it step by step until you enter the funding phase. After that you can't change anything - except the rewards.


    • Start your project as a team. Statistically, teams have a better chance of success. You can split tasks and everyone can do what they do best.
    • Experience shows that the ideal duration for the funding phase of Startnext campaigns is between 30 and 45 days. It helps you to create good dynamics.
    • Choose a catchy and clear title and subtitle. They should bring your project to the point, stay in people's heads and be easy to pass on.
    • Choose a short and memorable project link. If your supporters remember it well, it's easier for them to tell their friends about it.
    • Apply for a curation. In the interface under "Network > Partner Pages" we suggest our partners who might fit you and your project. Statistics show that curated projects are more successful.


    1. Avoid lenghty explanations in your project description. Answer the questions briefly and concisely in 2-3 paragraphs so your supporters quickly understand what is most important.
    2. Don't forget to save your progress individually in the interface. As soon as you open something else, unsaved changes expire.

    Examples for great project pages

    Bio-Tampons von The Female Company
    Bio-Tampons von The Female Company
    Läuft bei dir? Ab jetzt nur noch mit Bio-Tampons ohne Chemie und Plastik! Lasst uns Produkte, die fast 50% von uns brauchen, gemeinsam verbessern!
    40,759 € (204%) successful
    Sieht aus wie ein Buch. Verändert dein Leben. Freude, Fokus, Dankbarkeit, Entschlossenheit. Von dir selbst gemacht. In 3-5 Minuten täglich.
    45,341 € (302%) successful

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