Select your rewards

In exchange for their contributions, your supporters can choose from a selection of rewards that you determine beforehand. The rewards are a great incentive to support your project. Most of your funding sum is achieved by selling the rewards. The rewards will be delivered after your successful Startnext campaign.


    • Your rewards should have a real added value for your supporters. It's best to offer your finished product or service.
    • Give your rewards a significant title, describe it clearly and understandable and illustrate it with pictures.
    • Offer 5 to 10 rewards. Rewards between 15 and 100 euros are most popular. Think about a good variety within this price range.
    • Early bird rewards can increase the incentive to secure the reward at the very beginning of your campaign. The more money from the start the better!
    • Think about what value the rewards really have for your supporters, what production effort is behind it for you, and choose a realistic price. The prices are in gross and include shipping.


    • Be careful with merchandising items, because they cause quite a lot of effort with a comparatively low margin for your project. Additionally, we experienced that they are not so much in demand.
    • Avoid offering too many reward packages. If you offer individual reward packages, it's easier to keep track and your supporters are able to put together their own favorite package.
    • If you want to send something, don't forget to check the box for the delivery address in your project interface.

      Examples for popular rewards

      • The finished products: DVDs, books, CDs, design products, games, furniture, research results, food, vouchers, tickets, etc.
      • Individual experiences: Visit to the startup, invitation to the premiere, dinner with the creators
      • Supporter involvement: Public naming, becoming part of the project, workshops
      • Limited products: Special editions, autographs
      • Sponsoring for businesses: Logo placement, naming as sponsor

      You cannot offer

      • Sweepstakes
      • Investments
      • Rewards involving an event that takes place during the funding phase