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A group of foreign students lives in a small town in the Westfjords region of northwest Iceland. They have everything they need but that doesn't mean the life is not without challenges of living through the dark winters.
146 €
 Here For A Year
 Here For A Year
 Here For A Year

Über das Projekt

Finanzierungszeitraum 30.11.20 23:16 Uhr - 28.12.20 23:59 Uhr
Realisierungszeitraum January 2021
Mindestbetrag (Startlevel) 2.500 €

This amount of money is to cover travel expenses and the equipments I use for shooting and for the post-production phase

Kategorie Film / Video
Stadt Reykjavík

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Worum geht es in dem Projekt?

The film sheds light on the university life of a group of foreign students in a small Icelandic town called ísafjörður. The city has a population of less than 2,500 people. There is one small university in the city. Most of its employees and students are foreigners. How do they spend their daily life in there?

Was sind die Ziele und wer ist die Zielgruppe?

The film poses many questions to students. Why did they decide to study in a small town? What does their life look like in it? Do they have difficulties? Is it easy to make friends? How has the Corona pandemic affected life in Iceland?
The film is for everyone interested in learning about different cultures and stories.

Warum sollte jemand dieses Projekt unterstützen?

Because it is telling stories, which have never been told before. Because every story matters. Listening to people's stories can be very inspiring. How do people live in a small town out of crowds?
Besides, this film is a graduation project of a student who loves filmmaking. Supporting him in producing this project will open other doors for him, such as producing other films on important topics.

Was passiert mit dem Geld bei erfolgreicher Finanzierung?

It will be used to cover travel, equipments and post-production expenses.

Wer steht hinter dem Projekt?

Younis Tarawh - A master student at the university of applied science and art of Hannover


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Here For A Year

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